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Thermistor in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-11-14Updated:2017-11-14
Similar words: taxidermistdermispermissiveepidermispermissionhistochemistrypermissiblehypodermisMeaning: n. a semiconductor device made of materials whose resistance varies as a function of temperature; can be used to compensate for temperature variation in other components of a circuit. random good picture
(1) Thermistor beads are also often used as the sensitive elements of resistance thermometers.
(2) The failure rate of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) thermistor increases with Curie Point (T_c) of determined PTC material.
(3) Based on Negative Temperature Coefficient ( NTC ) Thermistor and AD μ C 847, designing a fine temperature measurement system.
(4) A new logarithm linearization compensation method of thermistor without temperature drift is proposed in this paper.
(5) By assembling with thermistor clamper, the thermistor is very easy to replace, and the application range is widened.
(6) Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor and triple frequency harmonic filter can reduce zero sequence voltage when a nonlinear resistance is used to prevent ferroresonance.
(7) When the circuit breaks down next time, PTC Thermistor can enter the state of protection again.
(8) A thermistor, type of temperature - to - resistance transducer, is able to transduce temperature into a continuous electrical signal.
(9) Meanwhile, PTC Thermistor is heated to above the Curie temperature, Rt heating temperature exceeding the switch temperature TSW and leaping to the state of high resistance too.
(10) AimTo heating method present by thermistor ( HMT ) to change stress in welding seam of press pipeline.
(11) Thermistors and thermistor protection relays shall be fitted to all motor starters above 75 kW.
(12) The nonlinear characteristic of thermistor results low accuracy in temperature measurement.
(13) It is necessary to renew the defective thermistor. There is no other way but renewing it.
(14) The device first transcribes the thermistor value variation, which makes it easy to call up the super-cooling point and thermistor value at any time.
(15) When an imperfect contact between two devices - for example between the thermistor sensor and the A-to-D converter port - occurs, the detected temperature may become like this pattern, as shown here.
(16) For a long time, a common and popular method to solve current convergence problem of microwave power transistor is using emitter ballasting resistor, such as PTC, CTR thermistor, passive devices etc.
(17) The device relies on a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor sensing device TEC target temperature can be from a DAC or an external resistor divider circuit analog-ended input.
(18) MF 51 Series, MF 91 - MF 96 series NTC thermistor for temperature below 300 ℃ and the temperature control circuit.
(19) A new type of wide - temperature range NTC thermistor with obvious variable B - value character was developed.
(20) We have brought in a kind of table look-up way thermistor temperature transmitter-based design.
(21) This paper presents the working principle and electronic circuits of an automatic temperature monitor for refrigerating storage applications with the NTC thermistor as its sensing element.
(22) Grand factory of thermal resistor of bright electron Inc. is grand bright subordinate thermistor and manufacturer of temperature sensor major.
(23) Presents a method to measure the wind velocity with the thermistor as the velocity sensor.
(24) Commonly used in temperature compensation, temperature control with NTC thermistor with MF 11 ~ MF 17 series.
(25) When the circuit breaks down and the return circuit current increases, the resistance of restricting overloading protection PTC Thermistor goes up sharply for being warm, until the circuit is cut off.
(26) The measuring principle of a wind speed sensor which employs a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor as detector is described.
(27) The composition, technique and characters about the manganite based NTC thermistor materials were reviewed in this paper.
(28) What is the temperature when the resistance of the thermistor is 15.2 ohms?
(29) A changed temperature lead to the change of value of the thermistor, then the bridge balance broke up, which induced the change of current value to the microammeter.
(30) The laser power density and the temperature of post heat processing have great effect on the sheet resistivity and TCR of PTC thermistor, and there exist optimum values for these parameters.
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