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Distort in a sentence

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Sentence count:97+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-26Updated:2017-02-26
Synonym: contortfalsifymisrepresenttwistSimilar words: historyhistorichistorianhistoricalhistoricallyprehistoricdistributorstormMeaning: [dɪ'stɔːt] v. 1. make false by mutilation or addition; as of a message or story 2. form into a spiral shape 3. twist and press out of shape 4. affect as in thought or feeling 5. alter the shape of (something) by stress. 
1, Tall buildings can distort radio signals.
2, The loudspeaker seemed to distort his voice.
3, A painter may exaggerate or distort shapes and forms.
4, This caused the sound to distort.
5, Vices with pipe jaws are less likely to distort copper pipe: a pipe vice can usually be hired.
6, The denial mechanisms will distort relationships and dealings with the client, and warp our perceptions of the whole situation.
7, It may be that to choose is to distort so protean an entity.
8, It will distort the signal.
9, They supply most of the pubs and they distort the market as a result of their sheer size and advertising wealth.
10, He says it can distort bone structure(, even cause heart problems.
11, Otherwise the powerful visual impact of television would distort and trivialise.
12, Take cheap shots and distort facts in order to get ahead?
13, Buried metal objects distort this field and are detected as a result of an electrical signal picked up by a receiver coil.
14, Crime rates often distort more than they clarify.
15, They distort his speeches and offer simplistic interpretations of his equating the HIV virus with poverty and inequality.
16, In the scarred, sacred land, myths continue to distort the past and shape the future.
17, Again, this served to distort the comparatives.
18, This could distort competition and reduce support in the business community for the single market.
19, Perceptions, such as hers, distort the truth and confuse the issue.
20, A frequent tactic is to try to distort the meaning of words.
21, But the attacks often distort the true nature of a candidate.
22, League tables that do not take that correlation into consideration distort reality and are inaccurate.
23, Friends of the Earth want more protection,[] claiming golf courses distort the environment.
24, And the task of avoiding gaps was not simple: two factors could distort the wall vertically and open up gaps.
25, Sound beliefs create images of strength, while unhealthy beliefs distort the reflection in bizarre, unattractive ways.
26, But to see it from this perspective is to distort it.
27, Nor should they be used on copper pipe as they will damage and distort it.
28, Mechanization, with all that it involves, is certainly able to distort, destroy and reconstruct many aspects of a civilization.
29, Champions of the vanquished classes, at home and abroad, would inevitably seek to distort the truth.
30, Thus ended an episode of high drama, the excitement of which tends to distort its significance.
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