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Shoehorn in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-09-25Updated:2017-09-25
Similar words: horseshoeshorntake the bull by the hornson the horns of a dilemmashoe shopshoeshoesshoelaceMeaning: n. a device used for easing the foot into a shoe. v. make fit for a specific purpose. 
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1 They managed to shoehorn the material onto just one CD.
2 They then shoehorn their minimal changes into their old management practices.
3 Somehow though, the band manages to shoehorn a fine lot of angst into such small packages.
4 Why try to shoehorn all the good stuff listed above into the little box of specifically social responsibility?
5 Be careful not to shoehorn every design problem into an existing pattern,[] though.
6 Team members attempt to shoehorn their old process into the new tool.
7 One of my supervisors was able to shoehorn his love for woodworking into a contract to build some desks and tables for the workplace.
8 At first, we tried to shoehorn these fragments into the prevailing view about the age of the rocks—animals this size must be peculiar dinosaurs or other odd Mesozoic beasts.
9 Why shoehorn one specified part into the other; the mere presence of popular misunderstanding of the distinction seems a poor reason to me.
10 If you're trying to shoehorn a legacy schema into Rails, things will go less smoothly.
11 Electronics makers love to shoehorn the Internet into any device with an LCD, but it's rarely worth the effort.
12 Trying to shoehorn knowledge into the "property" metaphor leaves us without the flexibility and nuance that a true knowledge rights regime would have.
13 After the war, the engineers had to invent some mammoth excavation devices to shoehorn them out.
14 She was wearing biker leathers and cowboy boots which all looked as if they'd been applied with the aid of a shoehorn.
15 Nonsense! " Aunt Joyce said. "You are much more creative than I am, I'd never have thought of using a shoehorn to serve stew. "
16 Do you know that some mornings he has to get his hat on with a shoehorn .
17 Mike: They're a bit tight. Could you get me a shoehorn? Oh, and one more thing, could you ask how much they are going to cost me?
18 The Freedom of Information Act wasn't built to anticipate this situation and that's evident from the way the Fed tried to shoehorn their argument into the trade-secrets exemption.
19 This doesn't mean, however, that whenever you want to have something in bold or italics you should shoehorn it into these two tags.
20 Just like in the case of UML explained above, this approach forces you to shoehorn clear domain specific concepts into prebuilt abstractions.
21 Traditional Web-based applications use endless amounts of effort trying to shoehorn HTML into the look-and-feel of a traditional forms-and-menus application.
22 For most of us, if you want to develop your skills, you've got to shoehorn the practice into your already busy schedule.
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