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Rivalry in a sentence

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Synonym: competitioncontentionSimilar words: chivalrycavalryrivalchivalrousarrivalunrivaledprivateprivacyMeaning: ['raɪvlrɪ] n. the act of competing as for profit or a prize. random good picture
1. There has always been intense rivalry between New Zealand and Australia.
2. The quarrel originated in rivalry between the two families.
3. Rivalry with other schools is encouraged.
4. It was Allen who fired this rivalry with real passion.
5. Their old rivalry soon surfaced when they met again.
6. There has always been a fierce rivalry between the two clubs.
7. There is a certain amount of friendly rivalry between the teams.
8. She had never overcome her feelings of sibling rivalry .
9. There is great rivalry between the two sisters.
10. The two players have developed a friendly rivalry .
11. There's fierce rivalry for the job/to get the job.
12. Rivalry between football fans developed into open warfare.
13. Officials anticipate that rivalry between leaders of the various drug factions could erupt into full scale war.
14. Despite their bitter screen rivalry, off-stage they are close friends.
15. There's such rivalry among/between my three sons.
16. What emerges is a complex picture of family rivalry.
17. Fully-fledged domestic rivalry among banks is also quite modern.
18. The rivalry between Bedie and Ouattara is still in play, diplomats said.
19. But a good football rivalry is.
20. The rivalry between the two teams was strong, and Bird Arena drew a rowdy, beer-drinking crowd.
21. In the last six months, inter-party rivalry has been subordinated to the need for a united unionist front.
22. He had overcome the rivalry of his son and felt that he fully deserved the expensive lifestyle he enjoyed with Mary.
23. The term "sibling rivalry" refers to a constellation of feelings.
24. They felt no sibling rivalry where Joe was concerned.
25. It is noticeable that women do not have the rivalry that men have.
26. Historically, there has always been a great deal of rivalry between the two families.
27. Though one was a Democrat and the other a Republican, the rivalry over which one would move up first was cordial.
28. Pentecostalism and jazz are undeniably siblings,[] with all the consanguinity and rivalry such a blood link always brings with it.
29. What compels the players is equal portions of intrastate rivalry and animosity.
30. The press were trying to build up a great rivalry between Ben and me, especially as I had never raced him.
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