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Reverence in a sentence

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Synonym: awefearrevereveneratevenerationSimilar words: irreverencereverentirreverentreverecoherencereferencedeferenceinferenceMeaning: ['revərəns] n. 1. a profound emotion inspired by a deity 2. a reverent mental attitude. v. regard with feelings of respect and reverence; consider hallowed or exalted or be in awe of. random good picture
1. The noble soul has reverence for itself. 
2. That freedom and order are not incompatible ;that reverence is the maid of knowledge; that free discussion is the life of truth, and of true unity in a nation. 
3. He removed his hat as a sign of reverence.
4. Children are taught to show respect and reverence towards their grandparents.
5. He is still held in great reverence throughout the country.
6. She has/shows/feels great reverence for her professors.
7. He was a bishop who was held in reverence by all.
8. I closed my eyes in reverence.
9. She spoke of them with profound reverence.
10. The poem conveys his deep reverence for nature.
11. Royalty is regarded with unquestioned reverence.
12. The crowd knelt in reverence and worship.
13. He felt / had / showed great reverence for Leonardo.
14. Others, abandoning the usual Republican reverence for big money, poked fun at his inherited millions.
15. For all his reverence for Hugh of Lincoln Richard had always been determined that other bishops should not be like him.
16. I feel a kind of reverence in late summer when I visit that abandoned butterfly garden.
17. I stood there, gazing down,( and feeling a reverence for these spectacles of the natural world.
18. But historically speaking, this reverence for language is deeply ingrained and persistent.
19. With great reverence we laid it here in the Treasure House.
20. Human conduct must be guided by compassion and reverence for all forms of life.
21. They often treat applications to preschool with the reverence once reserved for applying to Harvard.
22. Although conducted with reverence and not rushed, it was still completed very quickly.
23. Possibly that reverence for horned mountains extends back to the Neolithic period.
24. It is without emotion but conveys a sense of reverence for order and serenity.
25. I repeat, this was a holy theft, undertaken in duty and reverence.
26. It is used in respect of sacred trees, shrines, etc., and is performed as an act of reverence or respect.
27. These musicians were less secular stars than quasi-religious figures, and their fans often referred to them with godly reverence.
28. She held herself raised by her great prosperity above all that ordinary mortals fear and reverence.
29. He refers back to the Fish era as if in awe, and introduces the other Marillionauts with grovelling reverence.
30. Our civilization will be destroyed, he wrote, not by the Bomb but by its reverence for the Creative Spirit.
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