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Reverent in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2016-11-08Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: godlyworshipfulSimilar words: irreverentirreverencefor everrevertreverseseverepreventseverelyMeaning: ['revrənt] adj. 1. feeling or showing profound respect or veneration 2. showing great reverence for god. 
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1. A reverent silence fell over the crowd.
2. What little they spoke was in the specially reverent voice reserved by the middle classes for times of bereavement.
3. A prince is only given meaning by the reverent gaze of others.
4. They called him Uncle, their attitude reverent yet familiar.
5. Yet beneath their glowing and reverent portrayal, there seemed to lurk another Abu Kamal.
6. He was brave, reverent, and clean, though perhaps lacking in the trustworthiness department.
7. Jacobs' tone becomes reverent when he speaks of Salzer.
8. Sprinkleroom, I whispered, with a reverent snort.
9. Long, reverent newspaper obituaries were produced.
10. He became reverent in a moment.
11. Whispered in reverent and regretful tones, the rumors had been floating for the past few weeks that her condition had worsened.
12. Be reverent before each dawning day. Embrace each hour. Seize each golden minute.
13. If love is one belief then, reverent person can be happy.
14. He gave reverent attention to the teacher.
15. Reverent but prejudicial Ancestor Worship - one of China's immense Cemeteries,[] which seriously lessen her productive land area.
16. Still her boys reverent remembrance of a most vehement chastisement she once bestowed on them.
17. The nurse treated the patients with almost reverent kindness.
18. A company present meeting most reverent heart is the customer ordering, transports goods.
19. At first a reverent hush. Then a murmuring.
20. I have never felt more reverent at a baptism.
21. Be reverent before each dawning day.
22. We are aware that these reunions are in some way historic; for a few seconds we are almost reverent.
23. Our goal is to find a third way, both reverent and free.
24. The hot and the cold. The left and the right. The reverent and the irreverent!
25. To assume the right to new values -- that is the most formidable assumption for a load-bearing and reverent spirit.
26. But Shuman "the Second Symphony" the scale is huge, has the filled with grief sigh and the reverent sorrowfulness .
27. Being fearful of the laws of the land, of authorities and having a reverent fear of God's justice is a good starting point to protect yourself against falling into the trap of crime.
28. Walking the tea - horse ancient road allow one to see reverent pilgrims heading to holy city Lhasa.
29. When we make a pilgrimage to Yellowstone National Park, or to the California Redwood groves, or to the Florida Everglades, we are struck by the reverent appropriateness of nature's mix in that spot.
30. This was nothing to do with the scrabbling desperation of a starving people, but a highly ordered, solemn and even reverent religious ritual.
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