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Replay in a sentence

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Sentence count:139+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-22Updated:2017-02-22
Synonym: action replayplay backrematchSimilar words: horseplayreplacereplacementirreplaceablereplyrepletereplicaplayMeaning: ['rɪːpleɪ] n. 1. something (especially a game) that is played again 2. (television) showing again some action (especially sports action) that has been recorded on video tape. v. 1. reproduce (a recording) on a recorder 2. play (a melody) again 3. repeat a game against the same opponent 4. play again. random good picture
1. The semi-final replay will be on Saturday.
2. The replay shows that it was a handball.
3. They earned a replay with their 1?1 draw.
4. They showed an action replay of the goal.
5. England were worsted in the replay.
6. This election will not be a replay of the last one.
7. If there has to be a replay we are confident of victory.
8. You can see on the replay that the goalkeeper was fouled.
9. We watched a replay of the wedding on video.
10. I watched a slow-motion videotape replay of his fall.
11. It was an action replay of the problems of his first marriage.
12. He has watched a video replay of his fall on numerous occasions.
13. Milan won the semi-final replay 3-0.
14. He had seen the replay from the Security cameras and witnessed the fast, flashing deadliness of her.
15. The third umpire said the replay was inconclusive as de Silva dived to make his ground.
16. Marske earned a replay against their more illustrious with a 1-1 draw on Saturday.
17. There are some versions of remote replay which do give the user complete remote control.
18. Northampton lost 1-0 in the replay - but the best was yet to come.
19. Broken down into sections for easy replay and reference this video will guide you through every stage of your pregnancy.
20. Huge video screens profile each new batter and replay how he fares at the plate.
21. Packet replay is frequently undetectable, but can be prevented by using methods like packet time-stamping and sequence counting.
22. Recent developments suggest a replay of that 1992 incident.
23. Do not let him replay anything, ever.
24. Uncertainty over the outcome of the election and the possibility of a replay in the autumn has undoubtedly delayed recovery.
25. His action was taped by a college technician for Faldo to replay.
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26. This race gave McCallen one of his five wins last year, and looks his best bet for an action replay victory.
27. It was enough to see off the challenge of unlucky Wimbledon in this replay at Selhurst Park.
28. Along with that, the league should reinstitute the use of instant replay.
29. Twenty seconds and it began to do its own action replay.
30. But with only five minutes left Swindon equalised with a fine header from Shearer to force a second replay.
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