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Photographic in a sentence

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Similar words: photographphotographyphotographerdemographicbiographicalautobiographicalgraphicautographMeaning: [‚fəʊtə'græfɪk] adj. 1. relating to photography or obtained by using photography 2. representing people or nature with the exactness and fidelity of a photograph. 
1. The bank is able to provide photographic evidence of who used the machine.
2. Ensure all photographic material is properly packed and sent by recorded delivery.
3. The quality of a photographic reproduction decreases with time.
4. Convictions will rise steeply now photographic evidence is admissible.
5. He had a photographic memory for maps.
6. A photographic exhibition opens at the Royal College of Art on Wednesday.
7. The software allows you to scan photographic images on your personal computer.
8. They produced a photographic record of the event.
9. Their map has since been superseded by photographic atlases.
10. His photographic memory enabled him to tuck away yards of facts.
11. The equipment of the photographic studio was expensive.
12. When it came to choosing photographic equipment portability was as important as reliability.
13. His paintings are almost photographic in detail.
14. Some passages stood out in her mind with photographic clarity.
15. One has to process a photographic film to print pictures from it.
16. Photographic paper is highly sensitive to light.
17. Her paintings are almost photographic in their detail and accuracy.
18. She makes negative prints and she manipulates photographic materials with acid.
19. I have a temporary photographic memory.
20. Cover Girl International is a make-over and photographic studio based in London.
20. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
21. Boris Zhukov's photographic studio was a converted attic on the fourth floor of a cycle repair factory on Chukovsky Avenue.
22. These publications have also been unconcerned with the photographic aspect.
23. The wrong chemical balance can cause severe distortion of the photographic image.
24. I'd been working as a sales rep for a photographic company.
25. I found the cheapest price for enlarging the photograph by ringing round all the photographic dealers.
26. French artist and inventor of the daguerreotype process for obtaining positive photographic prints.
27. It was agreed that I would go with them under the aegis of Bhopal ji who immediately understood photographic requirements.
28. Now of course Fresco is a director of one of the world's largest photographic libraries.
29. The elements present emitted wavelengths which were recorded on a photographic plate.
30. The degradation of the Ideal was guaranteed by coupling it with the real: with vulgar photographic naturalism.
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