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Permeate in a sentence

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Sentence count:80Posted:2016-12-01Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: penetratepervadesaturatesoakSimilar words: impermeablewatermeloncome atbewildermenttheatercreatesweaterthreatenMeaning: ['pɜrmɪeɪt /'pɜː-] v. 1. spread or diffuse through 2. pass through 3. penetrate mutually or be interlocked. 
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1. Racism continues to permeate our society.
2. Water will easily permeate through the sand.
3. Eventually, the water will permeate through the surrounding concrete.
4. Most likely, only one or two bad habits permeate your writing.
5. Money values permeate every aspect of our existence.
6. Terror seemed to permeate the very air.
7. A pale gray haze seemed to permeate the streets with chill air.
8. These responses began to permeate Israelite life: and the prophet Jeremiah preached against the cults and idolatry.
9. Water will permeate blotting paper.
10. The implications of its absence in animals permeate to the very heart of our everyday talk about them.
11. Toxic vapors can permeate into the plaster and wood.
12. These negative attitudes permeate decisions about crucial issues such as the allocation of resources, particularly the resources of skilled and experienced staff.
13. Toxic chemicals may permeate the soil, threatening the environment.
14. Good marketing should permeate all the activities undertaken within the school.
15. The fragrance in the night permeate through this clolourful yard in summer, which the scenery in my memory eternally remains.
16. Functional relationships permeate every part of science.
17. An obvious change of attitude at the top will permeate through the system.
18. It is recognised that some courses, particularly those in primary education, aim to permeate the whole course with language understanding.
19. They were not really bad dreams, more an aching yearning pain that seemed to permeate her very being.
20. There is evidence that the same trends have begun to permeate the private sector.
21. She has minimized the revolutionary fervor and emphasis on class struggle that permeate Beaumarchais' original play.
22. They have deep misgivings about allowing business values to permeate the schools.
23. Such motivations cut across different media and remind us again of the extent to which media permeate our lives.
24. He tried again, uncaring that the tramp was motionless by now, the stench of excrement already beginning to permeate the air.
25. With the popularization of the Internet and surfing the Net with broadband, search engine likes a dark horse in China, and permeate through daily life day by day.
26. Permeation Concerns - Non-metal hose is susceptible to having gases permeate through the hose wall and into the atmosphere.
27. TDD is that patching the drug on the skin, the drug molecules permeate through the skin into the subcutaneous capillary
28. The fluid is a strong magnet and movable material, which can permeate through the small lateral root canals and the dentine.
29. One side of the clothes-supporting frame passes through the centre hole of the cylindrical helical torsion spring to permeate in the through holes of the big arc clip and the small arc clip.
30. In recent years, the information technology taking computer network as the centre is developed rapidly, and permeate through each field in life.
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