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Parthian in a sentence

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Similar words: corinthiancarpathianslabyrinthianfarthingearthingwear thinnear thingparthenonMeaning: ['pɑːθjən] n. a native or inhabitant of Parthia. adj. 1. pertaining to Parthia or its people or language or culture 2. delivered at the moment of parting as if in flight or retreat. 
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1. Achaemeniann foot guards, Parthian warriors, the cavalry of Xerxes, litters, chariots, tanks, Bactrian camels.
2. Most of Mesopotamia then became part of the Parthian Empire of the Arsakides.
3. The capital of the Parthian Empire could feed and refresh many people.
4. An article on the history of the Parthian empire can be read here ; an overview of their kings can be found here .
5. The Chinese army made an alliance with the Parthians and established some forts at a distance of a few days march from the Parthian capital Ctesiphon, planning to hold the region for several years.
6. This fa?ade may have looked like the Parthian palace at Ctesiphon . (The pool in front of it contains a lot of noisy frogs.
7. During the Parthian period, Hellenistic customs partially gave way to a resurgence of Persian culture.
8. Cut off from the Seleucid rule by the Parthian kingdom, Bactria also became independent.
9. The Parthian Empire shared a border with Rome along the upper Euphrates River.
10. Then there are the ruins of Dura-Europos, a Parthian caravan center founded in 300 B.C., halfway between Syria and Mesopotamia and known as the "Pompeii of the East."
11. The Parthian empire was to last until 224 CE, when it was succeeded by the Sasanian empire.
12. During Parthian rule, Persia was only one province in a large, loosely controlled empire.
13. Like many cities from the Parthian age, it was designed like a large wheel and was surrounded by two walls.
14. As for the meeting, first the Parthian dined with Gaius upon the Roman bank, and later Gaius supped with the king on the soil of the enemy.
15. The Hellenic countries in a broad sense include the Roman Empire, the Parthian Empire and Pergamos, etc.
16. Alexander the Great conquered Persia, but soon after Persia regained its independence in the form of the Parthian and Sassanid Empires.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. Parthian mounted archers proved a match for Roman legions, as in the Battle of Carrhae in which the Parthian General Surena defeated Crassus of Rome.
18. Hatra's remains reflect the eclectic mix of Assyrian, Hellenistic, Parthian, and Roman styles that set the stage for early Islamic architecture.
19. XV . It was certainly commonly said that Septimius Severus' motive for the Parthian war was a desire for glory, and that it was not launched out of any necessity.
20. He is known for his only work the Meditations or Writings to Himself, written, according to critics, in the midst of the Parthian war when he might have better used his time directing the army.
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