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Oblivious in a sentence

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Sentence count:128+6 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-08-16Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: forgetfulpreoccupiedsenselessunconsciousSimilar words: obviousenviouspreviousobviouslypreviouslyobligationthe cost of livingvariousMeaning: [ə'blɪvɪəs] adj. 1. (followed by `to' or `of') lacking conscious awareness of 2. failing to keep in mind. random good picture
1 He seemed oblivious to the fact that he had hurt her.
2 She lay motionless where she was, oblivious to pain.
3 She was oblivious to our warnings.
4 Absorbed in her work, she was totally oblivious of her surroundings.
5 Chieko appeared oblivious to the uproar.
6 Alice was standing in the street, seemingly oblivious to the rain.
7 He drove off, oblivious of the damage he had caused.
8 The speaker ground on, oblivious of his listeners' boredom.
9 His own arrogance made him oblivious to the criticisms of others.
10 The couple seemed oblivious to what was going on around them.
11 Congress was seemingly oblivious to these events.
12 He was oblivious of what was happening.
13 The government seems oblivious to the likely effects of the new legislation.
14 He was quite oblivious of the danger.
15 You eventually become oblivious to the noise.
16 She seemed oblivious to the crowds of photographers snapping away.
17 She seemed almost oblivious to the crowds of reporters.
18 His mother sat beside him, eyes closed, oblivious to the noise around her.
19 The dorados were in a feeding frenzy, oblivious to all else.
20 I have known rocks become oblivious to both the old type of scarecrow and its modern equivalent, the automatic banger.
21 He was reading a newspaper, apparently oblivious to the contribution he was making to the traffic chaos.
22 Oblivious should not have tacked here since he loses out to Smart.
23 Benedict imprisoned her closer, oblivious to her grubby hands caught against the pristine whiteness of his neckcloth.
24 It is extraordinary how oblivious the Labour party remains to the extraordinarily damaging consequences of its proposals.
25 Oblivious, Mr Straw exchanged pleasantries with hand-picked prisoners.
26 My companion remained oblivious to the sights,[] staring into space and frowning.
27 Jean Vilbrun Guillaume Sam sat at his desk, head in hands, apparently oblivious to the events outside.
28 One unfortunate woman who ran a discount shoe store was oblivious to the fact she was sitting on an old school goldmine.
29 Behind him, near the front door, his wife was pruning the roses, oblivious.
30 A twenty-year-old dancer manque did isometrics on his towel, pretending to be oblivious to the stares he attracted.
More similar words: obviousenviouspreviousobviouslypreviouslyobligationthe cost of livingvariousdubiouscuriousanxiousofficiousbumptiousambitiousvivaciousmysteriouspugnacioussuspiciousloquaciouslaboriouslysubconsciouslyconsciousnessproblemliveliverlive onlive outdeliverviolateviolent
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