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Naivety in a sentence

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Sentence count:32+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-21Updated:2017-03-21
Synonym: naivenessnaiveteSimilar words: naivewaivewaivercivetrivetcivet catgive thanksactive transportMeaning: n. lack of sophistication or worldliness. 
1. Mozart's music is characterized by its naivety and clarity.
2. They laughed at the naivety of his suggestion.
3. She has lost none of her naivety.
4. Naivety bordering on obtuseness helped sustain his faith.
5. Ann's naivety is at least a fault on the right side.
6. I was alarmed by his naivety and ignorance of international affairs.
7. Accusations of naivety are levelled at all those who struggle to change the world-from Marx to anti-globalisation activists.
8. Unionist politicians accused him of naivety and dismissed the truce as a publicity stunt.
9. Recognisable human failings-pomposity, stupidity(, naivety and cunning-came together in hilariously believable scripts.
10. There is an amount of innocence and naivety present in their songs that glides over current dour factions in the alternative sector.
11. My humor and naivety around the film world paid off!
12. Kalou needs goals, loss of naivety and time to become a Chelsea great.
13. It contains ideological elasticity leniencyand displays ancient Greeks naivety and and healthy spiritual nature.
14. He combined curious qualities of naivety with incisive wit and worldly sophistication.
15. The word of art gravure naivety grace, itis sumptuous dofunny, it can reposit for many years. and also have higher collective worth...
16. The naivety and negligence of the negotiator necessitates an aide with neat handwriting.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. Where there is naivety on the question of military power , nothing whatsoever can be achieved.
18. She was using the word'love'already, and with a naivety.
19. With an air of charming naivety, the panda is the most popular star in zoo.
20. Naivety is not for children only . Its enduring persistence adds wonder to our lives.
21. His work is a curious blend of sophistication and naivety.
22. This refusal of the activists to reconcile themselves to war testifies to their sincerity, not their naivety.
23. Branson's attitude to his bank had always veered between naivety, respect - and evasiveness.
24. A closer reading of the offending article soon establishes the naivety of such a question.
25. General Ricardo Izurieta, the moderate army commander, is now being criticised for political naivety by diehard Pinochetistas.
26. Its lack of concern about almost single - handedly driving up prices could reflect urgency rather than naivety.
27. The President smiled, with fatigued tolerance for a minor person's naivety.
28. Liu prefers simple narrative style ebulliently painted in brilliant colours that reveals a certain self-confidence and naivety, as if seen through the distorted lens of Pieter Bruegel.
29. Large, straight , white teeth, unilateral tendencies , mildly endearing naivety but generally friendly, nice people.
30. The raw AHG we used was derived from sheep, some of which, I was told, were so old that they had to be fed parenterally (again, I may have been fooled into believing this by naivety).
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