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Mucosal in a sentence

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Similar words: glucosemucocutaneousproposaldisposalpotato saladraucousglaucomabucolicMeaning: adj. of or relating to mucous membranes. random good picture
1 Either polyunsaturated fatty acids enhanced mucosal resistance or the oleic acid supplement weakened the defensive mechanisms.
2 Reduced numbers of intestinal mucosal plasma cells have been reported, with a return to normal values after antibiotic treatment.
3 Six mucosal biopsy specimens were taken from the antrum and four from both the corpus and fundus of the stomach.
4 In histological specimens a significantly reduced number of mucosal mast cells was found.
5 Involvement of other mucosal sites preceded, coincided with, or followed the manifestations of the gastric lymphoma.
6 The two non-inflammatory bowel disease cultures were from mucosal biopsies, one grew spheroplasts and the other acid fast bacilli.
7 Mucosal resistance was similar in the three groups when the acid challenge was given after saline pretreatment.
8 It is possible that an increased mucosal blood flow due to the inflammation perse can contribute to increased absorption.
9 This protocol tested mucosal resistance to acid after mild irritation.
10 Barium follow through examination showed a normal mucosal pattern in the graft.
11 There was no evidence of mucosal prolapse in any anterior wall biopsy specimen.
12 Endothelin induced gastric mucosal damage was carried out as described below.
13 The source of oxygen radicals in gastric mucosal injury induced by indomethacin in rats is not clear.
14 Mucosal inflammation was identified by the presence of increased numbers of acute or chronic inflammatory cells.
15 Endothelin-1 in this range induced mucosal haemorrhagic changes in a dose dependent manner.
16 These L4 then emerge on to the mucosal surface, migrate to the colon,( develop to the adult stage.
17 These results suggest the involvement of platelet activating factor in the endothelin induced fibrinolytic activation and subsequently developed mucosal haemorrhagic lesion.
18 In theory the increased prostaglandin synthesis seen with Helicobacter pylori might explain such a reduction in minor mucosal injury.
19 Davenport found that ethanol solutions with a concentration above 10% produced mucosal damage.
20 It has also been proposed that H pylori ammonia production will lead to mucosal damage by denaturing the protective mucus layer.
21 This is the first reported attempt to evaluate the mucosal availability of 5-ASA after different oral preparations.
22 One specimen from each patient was examined histologically to exclude mucosal disease, notably microadenoma in familial adenomatous polyposis.
23 Inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis by NSAIDs is the major established mechanism by which NSAIDs render the gastric mucosa vulnerable to mucosal injury.
24 In conclusion, we investigated the influence of Helicobacter pylori colonisation on gastric mucosal eicosanoid synthesis in patients taking NSAIDs.
25 Local application of platelet concentrates shows potential in treating diffuse mucosal haemorrhage due to thrombocytopenia.
26 These patients were receiving no treatment at the time of mucosal biopsy.
27 These differences persisted when subgroups of patients were analysed according to Helicobacter pylori colonisation or degree of mucosal injury.
28 But gastric metaplasia may also develop as a non-specific response to mucosal injury not associated with acid peptic damage.
29 The driving force for inflammation then is a combination of drug and luminal induced mucosal damage.
30 However, only for Dipentum did this result in significantly lower 5-ASA mucosal concentrations.
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