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Dome in a sentence

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Synonym: atticbeanboncecovered stadiumdomed stadiumnogginnoodleSimilar words: abdomendomesticspeedometerdomesticatedomesticateddomestic systemgross domestic productcome homeMeaning: [dəʊm] n. 1. a concave shape whose distinguishing characteristic is that the concavity faces downward 2. informal terms for a human head 3. a stadium that has a roof 4. a hemispherical roof. 
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1 The dome was supported by white marble columns.
2 A band of gray hair encircled his bald dome.
3 They formed the dome with the tree's branches.
4 The dome is tiled on the exterior .
5 The builders have perched a light concrete dome on eight slender columns.
6 A band of grey hair encircled his bald dome.
7 The church dome is supported by/on marble pillars.
8 The chapel was topped by a dome of white marble.
9 The dome is 42.3 metres in diameter.
10 The gilded dome of the cathedral rises above the city.
11 Another $ 65m pours into the Millennium Dome and the world shakes with fury.
12 Apart from the dome and pendentive construction,[] Byzantine methods and materials vary according to locality.
13 Some ten meters from the center of the dome was a most sinister sight.
14 Giannuli's office commands a view of the Capitol Dome in Sacramento.
15 Immediately, she felt the floor vibrate as the dome rumbled shut, sealing the chamber.
16 The tower and dome are unmistakable to those passing by on Interstate 19, a mile to the east.
17 The dome of the Capitol glowed in the background.
18 The rupture of the pressure dome had started the structural failures leading to the accident.
19 That widely acclaimed fiasco, the Millennium Dome?
20 Go where he will, the wise man is at home His harth the earth, his hall the azure dome
21 Are these pillars strong enough to keep up that dome?
22 The tour guide pointed out the inscription that runs round the inside of the dome.
23 The shelter is built by lashing poles together to form a small dome.
24 The clock stands on an oval marble base, enclosed by a glass dome.
25 As in, if the city of Miami and Dade County build him a new stadium with a retractable dome.
26 Cake or pastry flour is good for both cakes and pie crusts but will not hold the dome of loaf bread.
27 Their voices sounded shrill and incongruous, violating the silence that was appropriate in the great dome of the forest.
28 Last month she was racing around looking at holiday cards for snow dome images.
29 It was quiet, too, every sound echoing around the cavernous dome.
30 The moon was a slender crescent, and a few tattered clouds shuffled across the perfect dome of blue-black sky.
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