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Lasing in a sentence

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1) The thermal effects arising from the lasing process in orthorhombic YAP crystals have been discussed theoretically in this paper.
2) The quantity in relation to the coupling efficiency of an optical fiber:lasing mode, divergence angle, numerical aperture, focal diameter and precision optical fiber coupler are discussed.
3) The enormous nova crystal deposits and fields of lasing crystals have made it one of the most valuable worlds in the galaxy.
4) Lasing materials can be gases, crystals, or even semiconductors.
5) Due to the lasing effect, the peak modulation frequency of extinction ratio and chirp occur at the relaxation oscillation frequency.
6) First, the lasing material is composed of atoms, or mixtures of atoms, that have a peculiar energy level structure.
7) The upper bands (or buckets) in good lasing materials such as gallium arsenide are narrow and have steep sides, so they tend to hold relatively few electrons.
8) In the latest work, Richard Miles and colleagues at Princeton University used a different mechanism to set up mid-air lasing.
9) This, the researchers say, is a clear signature of lasing because above this threshold there are enough protein molecules in an excited state to generate stimulated rather than spontaneous emission.
10) These lasers usually employ chemical combustion to energize directly the lasing process by various one - way reactions.
11) Using this expression, the interrelation of the carrier density in each segment and the emission wavelength can be predicted while the laser is lasing.
12) It is necessary to use this kind of INEX simulations in order to accurately calculated and predict the lasing performance of free electron lasers.
13) The stable output from the multi-wavelength erbium-doped fiber laser is realized. Simultaneous multi-wavelength lasing is observed with 0.45 nm intervals defined by the reflective comb-like filter.
14) An esoteric process known as Auger recombination also impedes silicon lasing .
15) His other trick is to boost the output power of the lasing material,[] neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet.
16) But now physicists in the US have shown how to induce lasing in a single living biological cell.
17) In the experiments, the influence of triplet state quencher on dye's lasing lifetime was also tested. Two triplet state quenchers which can ameliorate dye's lasing lifetime effectively were found.
18) Results show that the pump-rate dependence of the output intensity presents not only a threshold property, but also a saturation property, just like that of the lasing modes in conventional lasers.
19) So far, the group has developed a technique that can add 1019 phosphorous atoms to each cubic centimeter of germanium, and we already begin to see lasing, Kimerling says.
20) When the quasi-periodic quasi-structure of random medium interacts with matching pump light, the interference effect under its whole multiple scattering leads to lasing in random medium.
21) Results show that the pumping rate dependence of the output intensity presents not only a threshold property, but also a saturation property, just like that of lasing modes in conventional lasers.
22) Chin describes the work as "very interesting" but says he is not yet convinced that such backward lasing could actually be used to detect pollutants and other gases.
23) Chemical laser is characteristically energized by an exoergic chemical reaction which produces the necessary population inversion of lasing species.
24) Though the lasers with lattice-mismatch cladding layers still have low threshold current density, the gain is too small to support ground state lasing .
25) This situation is not compatible with the need for high power output that requires large lasing volumes.
26) His other trick is to boost the power of the lasing material, neodymium - doped yttrium aluminium garnet.
27) Pumped by evanescent wave along the fiber axis, dye gain is confined in the evanescent field of whispering gallery mode (WGM) of the fiber, which leads to a low pumping threshold for lasing emission.
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