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Jealousy in a sentence

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Sentence count:249+8 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-17Updated:2017-02-17
Antonym: generositytoleranceSimilar words: jealouszealousdeal outanomalouslyaloudcome alongleave alonea good deal ofMeaning: ['dʒeləsɪ] n. 1. a feeling of jealous envy (especially of a rival) 2. zealous vigilance. random good picture
1 Love, joy, hate, fear and jealousy are all emotions.
2 He became crazed with anger/jealousy/pain.
3 Suspicions dispose kings to tyranny and husbands to jealousy.
4 Love is never without jealousy.
5 At first his jealousy only showed in small ways-he didn't mind me talking to other guys.
6 He felt a brief flash of jealousy.
7 Jealousy and suspicion are eroding our friendship.
8 Polly felt a sharp pang of jealousy when she saw Paul with Suzanne.
9 Jealousy causes distress and painful emotions.
10 His judgement was clouded by jealousy.
11 In a fit of insane jealousy he tried to stab her.
12 Jealousy is a very human failing.
13 It is important to recognize jealousy and to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.
14 A rush of jealousy swept through her.
15 Jealousy is the feeling that someone else has something that rightfully belongs to you.
16 Don't you think there's an element of jealousy in all of this?
17 Jealousy within a relationship is usually symptomatic of low self-esteem in one of the partners.
18 In the end,( Othello is undone by his jealousy.
19 It was a community/nation/family riven by jealousy, hatred and bitterness.
20 In a sudden paroxysm of jealousy he threw her clothes out of the window.
21 He may be capable of jealousy when you have made superior progress in your work.
22 There may have been an element of jealousy in her response.
23 Sexual jealousy is a common motive for murder.
24 The key to the whole affair was his jealousy.
25 A true gentleman is above envy, jealousy or vindictiveness.
26 He broke off the engagement in a fit of jealousy.
27 Her wild behaviour merely fanned the flames of his jealousy.
28 When I saw Henry with another woman I felt something close to jealousy.
29 Rachel sat alone for hours at home, tortured by jealousy.
30 You need to accept the fact that most of your problems are caused by jealousy.
More similar words: jealouszealousdeal outanomalouslyaloudcome alongleave alonea good deal ofblousecallousanalogousperilousmalodorousfabulousquerulousnebulouscredulouslibelousincredulousmarvelousgarrulousfrivoloustremulousmarvellousscrupulousmeticulousridiculousincredulouslytremulouslyfantabulous
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