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Infected in a sentence

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Sentence count:275+17 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-28Updated:2016-12-28
Similar words: infectiondisinfectantdejecteddirectedselectedexpectedconnectedunexpectedMeaning: [ɪn'fekt] adj. containing or resulting from disease-causing organisms. random good picture
1. An infected person can pass the virus to others.
2. The ward was full of children infected with TB.
3. The laboratory animals had been infected with the bacteria.
4. If the plant has been infected you will see dark protuberances along the stems.
5. These young people were infected with the revolutionary fever.
6. Badly infected trees should be felled and burned.
7. 200 million people in the world infected with the worm that causes schistosomiasis,some 20 million suffer severe consequences.
8. She infected the whole class with her enthusiasm.
9. The disease spreads by sexual contact between infected animals.
10. She was infected with tuberculosis.
11. Dig out and burn infected canes.
12. The water was infected with germs.
13. The wound from the dog bite had become infected.
14. Eggs known to be infected with salmonella were allowed to go on sale.
15. People can become infected after eating raw or undercooked meat.
16. The surgeon removed the infected organ.
17. Meat from the infected animals is regarded as a serious health risk .
18. Her right arm throbbed from the infected cut.
19. After the operation the wound became infected.
20. The white blood cells attack cells infected with an invader.
21. The virus has infected the operating system of his computer.
22. Bathe the infected area in a salt solution.
23. She infected the whole class with her laughter.
24. All the tomato plants are infected with a virus.
25. Dirt infected an open cut.
26. The infected cells then migrate to other areas of the body.
27. Police have sealed off infected areas of the country.
28. For an instant I was infected by her fear.
29. One of the boys in the class had a fever and he soon infected other children.
30. There is a 60% probability that the population will be infected with the disease.
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