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Affect in a sentence

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Synonym: influencemovepersuadeswaySimilar words: effectin effecttake effecteffectivelyeffectivenessthe greenhouse effectdecaffeinatedinfectionMeaning: [ə'fekt] n. the conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion. v. 1. have an effect upon 2. act physically on; have an effect upon 3. connect closely and often incriminatingly 4. make believe with the intent to deceive 5. have an emotional or cognitive impact upon. 
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1, This latest cut in government spending will affect income support recipients and their families.
2, Your opinion will not affect my decision.
3, How will these changes affect us?
4, This would materially affect US security.
5, Climate and weather affect every aspect of our lives.
6, The new property tax law won't directly affect us.
7, Environmental problems directly affect the quality of people's lives.
8, An unhappy home environment can affect a child's behaviour.
9, The decisions by the management committee will affect everyone in the company.
10, Some drugs can affect your sight.
11, Stress and tiredness affect your powers of concentration.
12, Do whatever you want - it won't affect me.
13, Your contributions will affect your pension entitlements.
14, The new telephone rates will affect all consumers including businesses.
15, The new law will affect us all, directly or indirectly.
16, How far do those old, outdated laws affect today's legislation?
17, The male menopause is said to affect men who are approaching middle age.
18, You never allow personal problems to affect your performance.
19, Their opinion will not affect my decision.
20, It will affect farmers in Spain and to a lesser extent in France.
21, He is interested in how our perceptions of death affect the way we live.
22, MOVE ON doesn't mean you'll forget all the memories. You'll still remember it,( but it doesn't affect you anymore.
23, People tend to think that the problem will never affect them.
24, A frequent metaphor for one aspect of chaos theory is called the Butterfly Effect - butterflies flapping their wings in the Amazon affect the weather in Chicago.
25, To some degree I think that's right, but there are other factors which affect the situation.
26, The color of the shell per se does not affect the quality of the egg.
27, A lot of services have been cut that particularly affect the old.
28, The warming of the Earth and the con-sequent climatic changes affect us all.
29, Dismissal of the last piece of evidence as unreliable would severely affect our case.
30, What you say is interesting, but it does not affect the point at issue here.
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