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Flagellated in a sentence

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Sentence count:9Posted:2018-10-10Updated:2018-10-10
Similar words: flagellatedinoflagellateflagellationself-flagellationflagellaflagellantflagellumtessellatedMeaning: ['flædʒleɪt] adj. having or resembling a lash or whip (as does a flagellum). 
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1. This should certainly not be a taboo subject, but nor should it be used to flagellate the mass of teachers.
2. Any of various flagellated, usually nonpathogenic protozoa of the genus Giardia that may be parasitic in the intestines of vertebrates including human beings and most domestic animals.
3. PROCESSION IN KABUL: Afghan Shi'ite Muslims flagellated themselves with chains during an Ashura procession in Kabul Thursday.
4. Certain motile flagellated bacteria can rapidly spread over the slightly moist surface.
5. The religious fanatics flagellated themselves.
6. A. Trichomoniasis, the third most common cause of vaginitis, is caused by the flagellated protozoan, Trichomonas vaginalis. The disorder is virtually always sexually transmitted.
7. Legionellae are aerobic, non - spore formingrod - shaped , typically flagellated, gram - negative bacteria.
8. His conclusions show that, for slow-growing organisms, the energy costs for maintaining cells in suspension is substantially less for gas-vesiculate than for flagellated organisms (Walsby 1994).
9. Oomycetes and chytrids ( sometimes called water molds ) produce motile, flagellated spores in sporangia.
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