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Conduce in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2017-03-03Updated:2017-03-03
Similar words: conductcode of conductinducereduceseducededuceproduceproducerMeaning: [kən'djuːs] v. be conducive to. 
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1. Wealth does not always conduce to happiness.
2. His affability conduces to success as a salesman.
3. A good diet conduces to good health.
4. Heart to heart chats conduce to the establishment of harmonious atmosphere among fellow workers.
5. Such hasty words will not conduce to a settlement of the dispute.
6. Our team's sportsmanlike conduce redounds to the credit of the school.
7. Money and beauty do not always conduce to happiness.
8. What fruit does the summer eat to conduce to reduce weight?
9. Be like music of puerpera listen respectfully, conduce to remove antenatal insecurity mood.
10. When had had a meal ah is conduce healthy?
10. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
11. Theory of combinative discussion capital will conduce to what labor value discusses deepening.
12. Pass analysis of the following respects, conduce to understanding current grain market is primary situation.
13. The serious hydrocele of the excation might conduce the working face or livelong minesubmerged, So need use many ways to detect the hydrocele of the excavation.
14. It is to conduce to the accuracy that raises costing.
15. We believe such an arrangement will conduce to the development of our business.
16. Just can conduce to ascites and dropsy so reduce.
17. Such hasty words conduce to a settlement of the dispute.
18. New search index props up a conduce to raise the successful rate of the search.
19. Is breath of vitamin D conduce smooth?
20. Health of what thing conduce to eat?
21. IBM says new Tivoli memory manages own software to conduce to raise productivity and investment redound.
22. The food that contains a lot ofcellulose or chlorophyll has alexipharmic function, eat more conduce to remove the noxiousness material that accumulates inside body.
23. The univariate analysis between successful aging and usual aging shows that marriage, diet, somnus conduce to successful aging; smoke, HBP, diabetes, arthritis don't conduce to successful aging.
24. The affirmance of principle part and object of marketing can conduce to the marketing idea development in the college.
25. The results show that the spiral oil wedges can realize the flow separation between the hot oil and the cold oil, avoid heating oil repeatedly, but conduce to the decrease of carrying capacity.
26. And colour is acted the role of powerfully article, for example aureate, sap green, purple, blue-black , gules, conduce to the bedroom that reduces Chinese style furniture to cause depressing feeling.
27. Personality cannot exist without difference , but only difference cannot conduce personality.
28. Conclusion Neonatal blood collection in heel by diagonal puncture method can increase success rate, decrease soft tissue injury in pelma, and conduce to the development of neonatal screening.
29. The results show that the spiral oil wedges can realize the flow separation between the hot oil and the cold oil, avoid heating oil repeatedly and conduce to the decrease of carrying capacity.
30. Does myope wear spectacles for nearsighted persons to get online conduce to the radiate that reduces computer cross-eye eyeball ?
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