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Carboxylate in a sentence

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Sentence count:13Posted:2019-01-08Updated:2019-01-08
Similar words: decarboxylationcarboxylasecarboxylcarboxyliccarboxyl groupcarboxylic acidcarboxypeptidasecarboxyhemoglobinMeaning: v. treat (a chemical compound) with carboxyl or carboxylic acid. 
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(1) Monocyclic carboxylate is a dispersive-type polymer nucleating agent.
(2) The compound 6-(2-methoxy phenoxy)-1, 4-dihydrogen-4-oxo-3-ethyl quinoline carboxylate is prepared with o-methoxyphenol and p-chloronitrobenzene as materials and through four-step reaction.
(3) Aim : To synthesize carboxylate derivatives of caged bicyclic phosphate.
(4) The structure and thermal decomposition of carboxylate precursor gel were investigated by infrared spectroscopy and thermogravimetry.
(5) Carboxylate modified magnetic microspheres were prepared by using modified suspension polymerization and magnetic content were measured.
(6) It is reported that ethy1 3-ethyl-5-pyrazole- carboxylate, an intermediate for tebufenpyrad, was synthesized by using ethyl propionyl acetonate and others as starting materials.
(7) The content of carboxylate ions in marine sulfate polysaccharide 911 was determined by conductometric titration.
(8) Under the optimum condition the yield of isopropyl cyclopropane carboxylate is 92 %.
(9) Resin, Terpene Resin, Resin Derivatives, Tall Oil Fatty Acid(Sentencedict), Metal Carboxylate Resin.
(10) The present invention discloses a kind of tobacco humectant, which is water solution of pyrrolidone carboxylate.
(11) In this work, the simple assay for cysteine (Cys) and histidine (His) based on a conjugated polyelectrolyte with multiple carboxylate groups (PPE-(COOK)4) has been developed.
(12) There are three essential kinds of scale inhibitors: amino - multi - carboxylate, organic polybasic phosphonic acid and polymeric compound.
(13) A polyisocyanate curing agent, which is mainly composed of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) trimer, was prepared in the presence of the base metal carboxylate K-1000. The reaction conditions were studied.
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