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Bernoulli in a sentence

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Similar words: cavernousproper nounfoul lineundernourishedundernourishmentturnoutturn outworn-outMeaning: n. 1. Swiss physicist who contributed to hydrodynamics and mathematical physics (1700-1782) 2. Swiss mathematician (1667-1748) 3. Swiss mathematician (1654-1705). 
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1. A Monte Carlo simulation example for a Bernoulli - Gaussian input white noise fused smoother shows its effectiveness.
2. There is a simple formula of Bernoulli number with using extraction a derivative rule of compound function and progression theory and so a given important value in the theory and application.
3. Daniel Bernoulli(1700–82) was born into a family of distinguished mathematicians.
4. To derive the Bernoulli equation, we apply the work-energy theory to the fluid in a section of a flow tube.
5. Each term of the Bernoulli equation has the dimension of force per unit area.
6. This paper was a new design of Bernoulli experiment. It acquired the numerical value of gravitational constant with the method of date processing.
7. In this last remark Bernoulli ascribes knowledge to Taylor that Taylor never displayed.
8. For then Bernoulli (and mathematical economists from then on) proceeded to multiply mathematical convenience illicitly, by transforming his symbols into the new calculus form.
9. In the " Acta " of 1691 James Bernoulli derived the equation for the tractrix.
10. Daniel Bernoulli (1700–1782), best known for his work in fluids, set forth the principle of the coexistence of small amplitude oscillations in a string, a theory later known as superposition.
11. The temperature reduction results from the Bernoulli conversion of random gas-particle motion (temperature and pressure) into directed motion (flow).
12. The steal phenomenon can be explained by the Bernoulli equation and the enturi effect.
13. He popularized the law of large numbers of Bernoulli form, the study draws a new distribution is Poisson distribution.
14. After coming up with this egregious fallacy, Bernoulli topped it by blithely assuming that every individual's marginal utility of money moves in the very same constant proportion, b.
15. A hydraulic computation equation for water distribution sytem of counterflow type natural draft cooling tower has been established by applying Bernoulli Equation.
16. The sampled pages are also prefetched, so this method would be faster than row-level Bernoulli sampling.
17. It is proposed by Von Neumann and Morgenstern ( 1947 ) who succeed Bernoulli to answer the St. Petersburg paradox.
18. In the second stage, the outcome is a random sample from a Bernoulli distribution with this winning probability.
19. Probability of following after them, its central research topics are focused on promoting and improving the Bernoulli law of large numbers and central limit theorem.
20. The simulation results show that LFF-LBF can offer very good performance on average delay and stability for uniform traffic with Bernoulli and burst arrivals.
21. This paper is proposed that the leaky bucket output process can be approximately described as Interrupted Bernoulli Process (IBP).
22. The random missing of data is modeled as a stochastic variable satisfying Bernoulli distribution.
23. In this paper,[Sentence dictionary] we utilize exponential generating function to establish an identical formula describing the relationship between Bernoulli number and Stirling number of the second kind.
24. The result showed the experiment error was allowable to laboratory apparatus and proved Bernoulli equation.
25. Based on the new contact model, finite element analysis scheme of drill rods in contact with curved boreholes is given using Bernoulli spatial curved beam elements.
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