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Abstracted in a sentence

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Synonym: absentabsentmindedremovedscattySimilar words: abstractedlyabstractabstractingdistractedlyextractedprotractedunobstructeddistractMeaning: [-tɪd] adj. 1. taken out of or separated from 2. lost in thought; showing preoccupation. 
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1. Iron is abstracted from ore.
2. He gave her an abstracted glance, then returned to his book.
3. The idea of redness is abstracted from the colour of all red objects.
4. She abstracted the main points from the argument.
5. He is abstracted by a bird outside the classroom.
6. The man abstracted a pen from my pocket.
7. The article was abstracted from a longer new book.
8. The same abstracted look was still on his face.
9. He was listening to music and had an abstracted expression.
10. The thieves abstracted the jewellery from my drawer.
11. She was thinner, abstracted and often seemed unaware of her surroundings.
12. His movements were slow, his gaze abstracted, as if he were composing a poem in his head.
13. Whatever musings had abstracted me from the charms of the city fled before the lucidity of that long-drawn-out instant of disaster.
14. With an abstracted look, she removed her sweater and brassiere.
15. The same would apply to the abstracted car driver.
16. He had a boyish, slightly abstracted look, that was his most endearing expression.
17. Contemporary architecture, for example, is increasingly abstracted from the social and spatial contexts in which it is constructed.
18. He was frowning, had an abstracted look, as if he had a headache.
19. In recent decades the elegant, abstracted paintings of the Aboriginal people have become famous around the world.
20. He has abstracted the speech.
21. Through figurative abstracted works on paper, Tempe artist Ron Bimrose taps into light themes like transition, fate and personal choice.
22. About 10 parameters were abstracted for influencing analysis , which include APAR?
23. Two other points, given their importance in later developments, must be abstracted from the argument.
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24. Your base of operations, so to speak, has been abstracted from the underlying computer.
25. He was a cipher to me, a silent man of abstracted benevolence, and I never got to know him well.
26. I looked up to see how she was taking this and found her expression largely abstracted.
27. The words people use to describe this event are not the event itself and are only abstracted re-presentations of the event.
28. Data used to produce the I9X binding profile was abstracted from reference 21.
29. Lady De Marr, Camilla, lifts her glass and holds it, abstracted for a moment.
30. The proliferation behavior for worms is formalized by determined finite automata theory and the general process of the proliferation is abstracted.
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