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Spirulina in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2019-06-10Updated:2019-06-10
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1, Spirulina platensis was the most source of phycocyanin.
2, Objective The preventive effects of spirulina on dimethyl-benzanthracene (DMBA) induced oral carcinogenesis in syrian golden hamster were studied.
3, When the amount of Spirulina platensis in feed increased, black pigment cells and the OD value of the red pigment abstract with acetone in the fish scale are promoted.
4, Spirulina platensis was induced by ultraviolet irradiation as a mutagen. Two good mutants, M1-3 and M5-1, were selected.
5, The high-activity endocellular nuclease of Spirulina platensis is believed to be the most serious barrier to foreign gene transformation.
6, For an in-depth look at both spirulina and chlorella, read Superfoods for Optimum health .
7, Spirulina blue is a natural pigment with nutrition and health function. Its main composition is phycobiliproteins, light-harvesting proteins, existed in phycobilisome of some alga.
8, So a conclusion can been obtained: the Spirulina biomass and biochemical composition were greatly improved when adding liquid triacontanol into the culture medium.
9, Spirulina is a kind of oldest primitive hydrophyte. It contains various nutrients and biological active substances. Therefore, it has both healthy and medicinal effects on human body.
10, This product is a nutrimental food, used spirulina drier powder, silica gel powder as its principal ingredient, it has the function of boosting up immunity after the functional test.
11, The caustic waters breed a blue-green algae called Spirulina.
12, Spirulina: A blue-green algae prized by the Aztec, spirulina is 60% protein in a highly digestible form.
13, Selenium-containing phycocyanin(Se-PC)was purified from Se-enriched Spirulina platensis using ion exchange and gel filtration chromatography.
14, Alfalfa, barley grass, wheat grass, lecithin, spirulina, royal jelly, chlorella and non-dairy probiotic cultures are all packed with nutrients that strengthen our immune system and neutralize toxins.
15, Of methods of extraction of phycocyanin from cyanobacterium spirulina, treatment with anion surfactant of certain concentration affords good yield of high specific content. 98% recovery is available.
16, Spirulina also offers generous amounts of vitamins A to E, as well calcium, iron, sodium and magnesium.
17, Endy gave an example of spirulina algae being grown in Thailand.
18, Apart from its established health properties,( spirulina is believed in some circles to have other significant benefits.
19, Spirulina, a freshwater alga, contains 60% protein, making it one of the world's best sources of this building-block for muscles.
20, Reviews on the trophic modes and factors affecting photosynthesis of Spirulina was made.
21, In this regard, a study progress of latest years was reviewed on antitumor effect, anti-inflammatory property, antioxidation and immunity regulation effect of phycocyanin in spirulina.
22, The Allophycocyanion ( APC ) was purified from a mutant of spirulina platensis ( SP - Dz ).
23, Phycocyanin , as one of the main components in spirulina platensis, had been identified from aspects of physiological activities.
24, A new type of overflowing jetting photobioreactor was used for the indoor batch culture of Spirulina.
25, The paper studied the Solubilizing effect of solvent extraction, freeze thawing , ultrasonication, phosphoric acid treating and enzymatic hydrolysis on Spirulina dried Powder.
26, Results Method 1 of gas chromatography can′t be used for determination of monosaccharide in spirulina glucoprotein, while method 2 was suitable, and 7 monosaccharides were found in ion chromatography.
27, These results suggest that pulse ultrasonic-assisted extraction is a high efficiency method of extracting phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis.
28, Its large body is rose-pink, the colour coming from pigments in its main food, the cyanobacteria Spirulina.
29, The influence of space-flight factors, especially weightlessness on the growth of spirulina flown for 8 days in a recoverable satellite was studied by postflight cultivation.
30, Main raw materials: cereal, non-dairy creamer, sugar, oats, brown rice and spirulina powder.
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