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Tibetan buddhism in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2019-12-03Updated:2019-12-03
Similar words: zen buddhismbuddhismtheravada buddhismmahayana buddhismbuddhisttibetansino-tibetantibetan mastiffMeaning: n. a Buddhist doctrine that includes elements from India that are not Buddhist and elements of preexisting shamanism. 
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(1) Tibetan Buddhism also holds the notion that Precious Umbrella symbolizes the power of Buddha's edification.
(2) Tibetan Buddhism places strong possibility that landscape and physical landmarks can acquire sacred status.
(3) Because the hunting ground here has Tibetan Buddhism temple Kang Longsi acquire fame.
(4) Temple economy is outcome of Tibetan Buddhism temple , its production and development has direct relation with temple.
(5) Tibetan Buddhism ethic notion throughout influencing Tibetan social facets.
(6) Tibetan Buddhism stands high in Tibetan culture.
(7) They believe in Tibetan Buddhism or polytheism.
(8) In Tibetan Buddhism, a pair of and female fished signify an unfixed realm, rebirth and eternity.
(9) The journal Tibetan Buddhism was launched by the Tibet Buddhist Association in 1985.
(10) In Tibetan Buddhism there are a large number of scriptural texts that have come down through various spiritual beings who have left them for us to study and supplicate.
(11) Perhaps the four sects that constitute Tibetan Buddhism might form a Tibetan version of the Roman Catholic College of Cardinals and pick a successor.
(12) Called Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism is the institution of higher learning, a well - deserved.
(13) Lhasa is a sacred place of TiBetan Buddhism.
(14) Xigaze Area holds an important position in Tibetan Buddhism.
(15) This Buddhist figure is particularly upheld in Tibetan Buddhism.
(16) In reality(sentencedict .com), Tibetan Buddhism is not a values - free system oriented around smiles and a warm heart.
(17) The majority of Tibetans believe in Tibetan Buddhism.
(18) Langmusi monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism, the early years have been very popular after becoming depressed.
(19) Tibet is one of China's ethnic autonomous regions, and the Tibetans mostly believe in Tibetan Buddhism.
(20) Liangzhou After the talks, the Sarbanes stay in Liangzhou on, carry forward the Tibetan Buddhism.
(21) Dora Kalff was initially influenced by Emma and Carl Jung and her immersion in Tibetan Buddhism.
(22) The purpose of this dissertation is to comment on the history process of Buddhist epic of Gesar by the study of relationship between Terma tradition in Tibetan Buddhism and Gesar Epic.
(23) Gannan areas is the oldest temple of a monastery of Tibetan Buddhism.
(24) In Tibet a great yogi called Milarepa who is respected by all schools in Tibetan Buddhism.
(25) Yidam(Tutelary deity) is a very important culture concept in the tibetan culture and tibetan buddhism culture.
(26) Democratic reforms of the religious systems of Islam and Tibetan Buddhism were carried out.
(27) About 90 % of Mongolians are Buddhist, followers of Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism.
(28) The Garuda has special importance in the tantric teachings of Tibetan Buddhism where he is sometimes seen as a manifestation of Guru Rinpoche.
(29) In addition to Theravada Buddhism, Guan Yin Bodhisattva even is very prominent in Mahayana Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism.
(30) In a village in north-west China, the local administration introduces the Enthronement Ritual from Tibetan Buddhism and applies it to the inauguration ceremony of the village leader.
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