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Treatable in a sentence

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1. People sometimes die of treatable conditions.
2. Certain forms of cancer are treatable with drugs.
3. This is a treatable condition.
4. However, psychological causes are seen as treatable, whereas biological causes mark the individual for life.
5. And there is precedent for treatable diseases persisting.
6. The hypercalcemia is easily treatable by hydration and withdrawal of the calcium containing antacids.
7. The symptoms are often obvious, identifiable[], and even treatable before the damage is done.
8. Hopefully, it should see many forms of cancer treatable as simply as popping into hospital for minor surgery.
9. The disease is treatable but can kill within hours without treatment.
10. Testicular cancer is a highly treatable condition, affecting either one or both testicles.
11. Maybe we would do better to identify how treatable depression differs from intractible depression.
12. These are in general extremely indolent and easily treatable cancers.
13. Treatable risk factors included anemia in 40% of patients, and elevated total plasma homocysteine or homozygosity for the t-MTHFR mutation in 21%.
14. Canal steno sis is only treatable with surgical intervention, as I was taught in school.
15. Morris said that the pneumonia might be treatable.
16. Experts say it's treatable if medication is taken as prescribed.
17. Many of these are treatable(, allowing brain function to return to normal.
18. Cholera, a preventable and treatable disease, causes watery diarrhea and vomiting.
19. Kleptomania is treatable, but it takes time.
20. They made deadly infections such as tuberculosis treatable, but their role in healthcare is far wider than that.
21. The report found that most of the deaths were caused by easily treatable diseases.
22. Many acute life-threatening conditions, shock states etc. are eminently treatable with homoeopathy.
23. Sacks etal highlighted the importance of prostatic disease as a preventable and treatable cause of renal failure.
24. Subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord due to vitamin B12 deficiency is a treatable condition manifesting sensory ataxia.
25. Many instead look to complementary medicine as a way to prevent or relieve aids treatment side effects, some of which are not easily treatable with conventional medicine.
26. Moreover, since many illnesses have incapacitating fatigue as a symptom, care must be taken to exclude other known and often treatable conditions before a diagnosis of CFS is made.
27. MMMNCB can mimick MND but carries a better prognosis and is potentially treatable.
28. The subtype: so Jobs didn't have a nonfunctioning one, but from what I read (please google to double-check) he even had an insulinoma, which is actually the most common and best treatable type.
29. While this 5% year-on-year decline represents significant progress, the mortality figures are still disconcertingly high for a disease that is entirely preventable and treatable.
30. If decrepitude is driven by an overactive immune system, then it is treatable.
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