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Resolving power in a sentence

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Similar words: resolvingdriving powerbuying powerearning powerstaying powerbinding powercomputing powerpurchasing powerMeaning: n. the ability of a microscope or telescope to measure the angular separation of images that are close together. 
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1. The resolving power of a photographic material can be determined by using of a PI C type resolution determinator.
2. The image space resolution ratio reflects its resolving power to tiny subject under high contrast.
3. The highest resolving power and higher determination speed are achieved in the instrument.
4. High resolving power and high determination speed are achieved in the instrument instrument and the computer.
5. This paper analyzed the resolving power of IOL and the source of criteria.
6. NOTE Resolution measurement metrics include resolving power , visual resolution , limiting resolution, SFR,( MTF and OTF.
7. Smaller disturbance to the measured system, higher resolving power and ability of on - line measurement etc.
8. Analyze the important effect of bypass capacitor for resolving power integrity.
9. There is, however, one classical restriction which we must take into account, namely the resolving power of optical instruments.
10. The first questions Wien asked were related to the resolving power of optical instruments.
11. The slower the speed, the finer the grain and the greater the resolving power of these films.
12. What looked like individual lights to the naked eye actually split into two under the resolving power of the telescope.
13. When we calculate the uncertainty in position, Ax, we use formulae for resolving power which are derived from wave optics.
14. To meet the seism detections require of high accuracy, high resolving power, the measurement technique of Laser Doppler and detection technique of faint signal are further researched.
15. When he starts making the mistakes or he's got fifty percent right and fifty percent wrong, then you can say that that's the actual limit of his resolving power.
16. The useful magnification by an optical instrument is limited by the resolving power of that instrument.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. This method is simple and efficient in both flat field and improving resolving power.
18. Results AFM could not only identify the exact sites of break-point, but also display the three-dimensional structures of hot damage points by high resolving power.
19. There will be an antinomy among sample frequency, memory capacitance and the width of window of sample time for developing the resolving power of LA while we taking the LA to test an digital system.
20. Until the 10-meter Keck 1 was built in 1993, the Hale telescope had the best resolving power in the world.
21. For the shape and size of measure antenna array affect measure precision and the resolving power.
22. The mathematical model of Fourier power spectrum is derived. The relations between the resolving power of the test chart and the critical maximum are defined through t...
23. Therefore, an antenna stabilization platform is built for a high resolving power Airborne SAR to image continuously in wide area.
24. Professional staff at the scene maintenance of equipment, time in the process of resolving power failure.
25. It can resolve the tactics movement target association problem based on low time resolving power.
26. Conclusion The three-step method can more improve the concentration of protein and the 2-DE profile of sample protein resolving power than the single step method.
27. Result: radix astragali, notoginseng radix, ligustici, pieplant spot of TLC were clear, negative control was no interference. Conclusion: the spot of TLC has a good resolving power, can b...
28. A new electron impact storage ion source has been designed for time of flight mass spectrometers with a high mass resolving power and high sensitivity.
29. The MMS Raman Spectrometer offers a unique combination of resolving power, spectral range and flexibility, making it an ideal system for the routine analysis of many types of liquids and solids.
30. Theoretical analysis and experimental results indicate that this method has extremely high sensitivity and resolving power.
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