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Recirculation in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2018-04-14Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: circulationrecirculatein circulationsystemic circulationcurrency in circulationpulmonary circulationcirculatingcirculativeMeaning: n. circulation again. 
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1 The results showed that recirculation fumigation under film can effectively improve airtightness of the warehouse and control stored grain insects.
2 The V6 engine also features exhaust gas recirculation, an oxidising catalytic converter and a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter.
3 Recirculation cooler is one of the main equipments in oxide pellet system project.
4 Appropriate surface recirculation can reduce leachate quantity effectively, so the treatment scale is decreased.
5 This paper introduces the layout of exhaust gas recirculation system in parallel with venturi tube of YC6105ZLQ diesel engines, basic principles and dimension calculation on venturi tube.
6 The technology of Combustion Gases Recirculation (CGR) has successfully solved the problem of high-pressure combustion of Stirling engine.
7 With the development of society and economy, the recirculation - cooling water systems apply more widely than before.
8 Recirculation heating by hot oil furnace keeps the frying oil temperature up quickly and small fluctuation.
9 The phenomenon of hot air recirculation is a universal question in designing and operating of direct air-cooled power units.
10 Methods of rice milk recirculation and reclamation were studied.
11 Low load recirculation flow and balancing device leak off flow systems from the boiler feed pumps (if required) shall be led to the feed water storage tank.
12 Why hot water recirculation has been virtually impossible for existing homes?
13 The heat recirculation zone tube's outer wall extends with the flow rate of the mixture.
14 The result indicated that there is a typical recirculation region in rectangular sedimentation tank.
15 Analsing disseminate effect influenced by air recirculation and radiator surface dirt and control quotes which designed unit given are analysed.
16 Experimental results showed that highly recirculation flow area exists on the sidetocenter tray and clear difference of the liquid residence time exists on the centertoside tray.
17 The scientists are examining the rate at which disease spreads among plants within recirculation systems in glasshouses.
18 The Tipo has a three-way catalytic converter and exhaust gas recirculation valve.
19 The utility model relates to a circulation drier, which comprises a nitrogen gas-holder, a sprinkling recovery tower, a refrigerator and a recirculation fan.
20 So, we also have in this system a capability to recirculate from the sump this water and it goes back into the containment sprays to provide continuous recirculation.
21 Boiling water reactors normally have load - following capability, implemented by varying the recirculation water flow.
22 The blade-type swirlers have been used in many air engine combustors to control the primary airflow of flame tube and establish a strong recirculation zone.
23 Outer heat transfer is estimated for the flameless combustion of the methane and air under different recirculation ratio.
24 Pipe plugs can be used to easily shut off recirculation Electrical connection via liquid-tight miniature connector Uses new threadless ?
25 To reduce the main pollutant of the diesel engine(particle and NOx), this paper designs the automatic controller by using the bag filter and Exhaust Gas Recirculation technology.
26 The integrated membrane deionization system is economic, efficient, environmental friendly, especially applicable to water recirculation and wastewater reuse in regions where water is in short supply.
27 Oven consist of two zone, preheating, solidify zone, and with high speed hot air recirculation system.
28 Self - priming plastic magnetic pump adopts an outer recirculation structure combining foreign advanced technology.
29 Secondly,[] it caused the left river bank of Wuliu Channel's downstream to produce recirculation region.
30 Designed for 1400 F operation - duty models are equipped with a high CFM steel fan for recirculation.
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