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Pterygoid in a sentence

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1. The plane of the lateral pterygoid muscle is the lateral boundary line of the endoscopic transnasal transantral approach.
2. Like other mosasaurs, Halisaurus has extra teeth called pterygoid teeth, that it uses to hold on to its prey while its jaw moves forward to swallow the hapless victim whole.
3. Results: The amount of insulin in lateral pterygoid muscle in young growing rats enhanced after functional mandibular protrusion.
4. Conclusion The lateral pterygoid muscle, styloid process, pterygoid process and its medial, lateral pterygoid plate were important anatomical marks for CT imaging diagnosis.
5. RESULTS:In the pterygoid hamulus fracture group, the appearance of otitis media began from 11 to 76 months after palatoplasty, with an average time of 13.4 months.
6. The innervation of the medial pterygoid muscle can be divided into low branch(38 cases, 63%)and high branch types(22 cases, 37%).
7. The external pterygoid muscular cells were shown degenerative signs, such as the edema of mitochondria, reduction of mitochondrial crest and matrix density, or vacuolation in few severe samples.
8. The neurectomy of pterygoid canal was quite effective for stubborn allergic nasitis.
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9. Pneumatization of the pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone.
10. In order to find an ideal method for single jaw external fixation, the author made a kind of tongue - pterygoid occlusal pad splint to fix dentition's mandible fractures.
11. The hanging wall of the pterygopalatine space, fora- men rotundum, inferior orbital fissure, pterygoid canal and its relationship with the sphenoidal sinus were dis- played on coronal section.
12. Objective: To investigate the effect of insulin on the lateral pterygoid muscle after functional mandibular protrusion in rats.
13. The histological changes of the masseter, temporal and lateral pterygoid muscles were observed.
14. Background The oporation treatment for vasomotor rhinitis by cutting off canalis pterygoid nervus is not very effective.
15. The maximun binding changes of the acetylcholine receptor on rat lateral pterygoid muscle after the function mandibular advancement.
16. Objective : To study the distribution features of intramuscular nerves and spindles in human lateral pterygoid muscle.
17. Objective To evaluate the HRCT appearances and its value in diagnosis of diseases of pterygoid canal.
18. Objective:To summarize surgical effect of 5 patients with juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma of involve pterygoid process.
19. Results The main masticatory muscles of miniature pigs include masseter muscle, temptory muscle, lateral pterygoid muscle, medial pterygoid muscle and zygomaticomandibular muscle.
20. Objective: To explore the clinical features, diagnosis and therapy of pterygoid hamulus syndrome.
21. And changes also had been taken place on the form and function of the lateral pterygoid muscle, articular disc and fovea.
22. On axial HRCT, the palatovaginal canal was located behind of the pterygopalatine fossa and medial of the front part of pterygoid canal, showing narrow cone shaped.
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