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Progestogen in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2018-02-19Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: progestinprogesteroneprogenyestrogenhistogenesisoestrogenprogenitorontogenyMeaning: n. any of a group of steroid hormones that have the effect of progesterone. 
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1) A hormone, progestogen, is injected into a muscle, and is released very slowly into the body.
2) The cloud in this particular silver lining is progestogen, a synthetic form of the hormone progesterone.
3) The progestogens have the same effect on the cat's body as the natural pregnancy hormone, progesterone.
4) Progestogen is now available in a combined progestogen and oestrogen patch.
5) AIM: To study the effect of ectogenesis progestogen progesterone on peripheral edema and neurocyte apoptosis in rats following cerebral cortex injury induced by free fall.
6) The long stimulation of estrogen without antagonism of progestogen was high-risk factor of EC in patient with sterility of functional endometrorrhagia.
7) Objective: To study the effect of estrogen and progestogen on the development and implantation of mouse embryos in vitro.
8) Mirena, the progestogen coil, is the Rolls-Royce of contraception for women this age.
9) Physiological functions of testosterone, estrogen and progestogen.
10) Aim To study the progestogen effect and activity of triphasic contraceptive tablets.
11) Several observations suggest that androgens may counteract the proliferative effects of estrogen and progestogen in the mammary gland.
12) Objective To observe the expression and clinical implication of estrogen receptors and progestogen receptors in hyperplastic lesions and malignant lesions of breast.
13) Study on the relationship between abnormal endometrorrhagia and estrogen,[] progestogen level and its receptor.
14) Methods: 13 cases of menstrual disorder (not in climacterium) and climacteric women with burning mouth syndrome (BMS) were treated by hormone replacement method of nylestriol and progestogen.
15) SP immunohistochemical technique was applied to determine carcinoembryonic antigens (CEA), estrin receptors (ER) and progestogen receptors (PR)on the cancerous tissues of 33 cases of gastric cancer.
16) Objective: To study the effects of lithosp er mum extract on MCF-7 cell and estrogen and progestogen levels in mice.
17) However, currently available data have limited the ability to investigate the wide variety of types of progestogen.
18) Objective: To observe the effect of shurutong oral liquid on hyperplasia of mammary gland and the blood estrogen and progestogen levels of rat.
19) And further because its morbidity and female hormones (estrogen, progestogen) related, therefore attribute hormone dependent tumor.
20) AIM:To study the effects of progesterone on normal adult osteoblasts so as to prove the hypothetical mechanism of progestogen in treating postmenopausal osteoporosis.
21) Conclusion:The attack of hysteromyoma has little to do with the peripheral E2, P, T, FSH levels, suggesting its close relation to the localization of estrin, progestogen and their receptors.
22) Conclusions: d-limonene can inhibit the hyperplasia of rat mammary glands, and decreasing the estrogen level and increasing the progestogen level in serum may be the mechanism.
23) Conclusion The ovarian corpus luteum persisting and secreting the estrogen and progestogen is one of the causes of bleeding after abortion with mifepristone.
24) The results indicated that the receptors of estrogen, androgen and progestogen existed in oogonia and oocytes of different developmental stages.
25) Objective To evaluate the quantitative relationship between the estrogen, progestogen level and the related receptors of endometrium under the condition of abnormal endometrorrhagia.
26) The function, the regulatory function and the relationship among Elstrogen, progestogen and Androgen during the development and maturation of amphibian oocyte are set forth.
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