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Preprocessing in a sentence

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Sentence count:73Posted:2018-04-08Updated:2018-05-26
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(1) This requirement may necessitate preprocessing of input data.
(2) On hardware, signal acquisition and simple preprocessing is completed in FPGA, clutter suppression is achieved in DSP and the third part compression is done in host.
(3) The vacuum freeze-drying equipment includes preprocessing trough and vacuum freeze dryer.
(4) Both above methods need chemical sample preprocessing, which contains complex operation and possibly man-made interference.
(5) At first the preprocessing algorithms are introduced, including removing the timing jitter, the leaking of the strobe pulse and the reflection.
(6) Designing a novel algorithm based on the filtering preprocessing of B-spline wavelet according to the characteristic of branch current.
(7) The preprocessing in an automatic fingerprint identification system usually includes five steps:normalization, directional graph computation, image segmentation, filtering and binarization.
(8) In this thesis, the techniques of preprocessing, QRS detection and ST segment analysis are discussed respectively.
(9) Fingerprint identification module includes the preprocessing of fingerprint, feature extraction, the classing of fingerprint as well as matching, the establishment of fingerprint storehouse.
(10) This paper introduces the process about data preprocessing technique and the algorithm implementation.
(11) The work is composed of three parts: preprocessing, contour coding, texture compression and postprocessing.
(12) Moreover, since the all-phase preprocessing can suppress the individual harmonics' spectral interference on the fundamental wave, the accuracy is greatly enhanced.
(13) The infrared pattern recognition system consists of image preprocessing, feature extraction and pattern classification.
(14) The self adaptation of data preparation in the preprocessing on calculating electric field has been investigated in this paper.
(15) A preprocessing circuit is designed for analog signal transformation because of large inner impedance of biosensor and bipolar signal.
(16) Laser Image preprocessing method for V groove underwater welding is discussed.
(17) The paper focuses on studying the image preprocessing algorithm of visual docking guidance system.
(18) Methods: 1 Image preprocessing ( De noising, Image enhancement ).
(19) It includes preparation and selection of data, preprocessing, selection and implementation of mining algorithms, postprocessing of mining results, etc.
(20) The key operation of data preprocessing is feature selection and extraction.
(21) The ECG system analysis consists of two aspects: preprocessing and feature analysis.
(22) Even beyond the encoding methods mentioned above, there is the possibility of a different type of preprocessing.
(23) Edge detection is an indispensable step before image analysis and recognition, and is an important technology in the image preprocessing procedure.
(24) Discretization of numeric attribute is an important role of data preprocessing.
(25) Both null and undefined macros expand to null strings, but a macro defined as a null string is considered defined in preprocessing expressions.
(26) In order to get an ideal lane marks' edge, an image preprocessing method based on edge distribution function (EDF) was proposed considering the directional characteristics of lane marks.
(27) This paper introduces an algorithm of the structural hidden line elimination in the interactive preprocessing system of the structure analysis.
(28) A iris recognition system is based on four parts: iris image sampling, iris image preprocessing, feature extraction, iris image matching and recognition.
(29) A fast sampling frame memory of structured light distribution is de- signed, because of the use of large size RAM and preprocessing of the structured light distribution, the circuits is very simple.
(30) Therefore, such tools as spatial filtering etc. are essential to perform preprocessing of the input data.
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