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Pomace in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2018-03-13Updated:2018-05-26
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1. The functional components of Chinese white olive pomace were determined and researched on its general utilization .
2. Hemicellulose A extracted from apple pomace was modified by the method of chlorosulfonic acid-pyridine.
3. The technology of extracting pectin from apple's pomace with D151H cation resin is studied.
4. In activity research, use polyphenol of apple pomace to contrast with usual antioxidant to determine the effects on antioxidation to fats.
5. The paper is introducing synthetical use of pomace .
6. The pomace then at the bottom of the vat is completely drained.
7. The drying method of carrot pomace.
8. The system improved the quality of pomace in viscose rayon production process.
9. Enzymatic release of polyphenols pomace remaining from apple juice production was examined.
10. For the fermented apple pomace, ester took up more than 50% in the total volatile products, with less than 15% of alkyl-, aldehyde and ketone.
11. Comprehensive utilization of apple pomace resource can increase fruit products value, and have potent economic value and exploitation foreground.
12. The perpetration of the blackberry pomace feedstuff not only can recycle waste, but also can remove environment pollution during processing the blackberry.
13. Tomato pomace consisting principally of seeds and skins is the processing waste of tomato pastes(juice).
14. The technology of solid state fermentation and extraction of Fulvic acid with apple pomace has been studied.
15. The study can provide application foundation and technical support for comprehensive utilization of apple pomace .
16. In the experiment, lactic acid bacteria with high thermotolerance were isolated from silage, apple pomace(, milk and fresh pickles.
17. This paper studies the method of extraction of ricinine in castor pomace.
18. In this paper , the nutrients and micro flora of fresh apple pomace and fermented apple pomace , and the possibility and significance of developing apple pomace feeds were were discussed.
19. The achievement of a high nattokinase activity using apple pomace, a low-cost industrial and agricultural waste as fermentation substrate demonstrates obvious economic advantages.
20. There are abundant and diverstile Malus Pumila polysaccharides in apple pomace, however, few systematic isolation and analysis have been done about them.
21. The technological parameters for extracting pectin from Chinese gooseberry pomace by salting-out method was studied.
22. AimThe change of available P in organic fertilizer fermented by apple pomace which was inoculated by high effective microbial community was studied.
23. Using gallic acid as the standard, the optimum conditions for determining of the polyphenols in the apple pomace by Folin method are investigated.
24. Green soaps sold as olive oil soap are manufactured from olive pomace oil.
25. With the rapid development of apple planting and processing , the output of apple pomace has been increased.
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26. But solid-solid-state fermentation (SSSF) is the most simple and needs lower cost of investment and production, it is very convenient to be applied widely, and solves the problem of apple pomace.
27. The paper studied the influence of inoculation, adding inorganic nitrogen and diverse ways of fermentation on protein content and recovery percent of fermented feed with pomace.
28. The experiment was conducted to investigate the change of wet citrus meal, apple pomace and jujube hull under the different storage temperature, time and method.
29. Apple polyphenol is a new type of natural antioxidants; it is very rich in unripe apples and apple pomace.
30. Study showed that it was feasible to prepare bio-protein feed from fermentation of pomace.
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