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Phellem in a sentence

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Sentence count:12Posted:2019-02-08Updated:2019-02-08
Similar words: hellershelledhellenichellenismseychelleshellesponthellenistichelen kellerMeaning: n. (botany) outer tissue of bark; a protective layer of dead cells. 
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1. Results: The microscopical characteristics such phellem, cortex, phloem and xylem were observed in the transverse section of the stem.
2. The thickness of phellem, aerenchyma , diameter of vessel holes, and the number of vessels are related to the anti-waterlogging character.
3. The phellem of periderm and special morphological structure of sweet potato "Lushu 780" and "Shengli 00" play the role of a barrier to the spread and invasion of nematodes.
4. Convextype dots had not phellem cell in texture.
5. Phellem layer can do cork, endodermis can do dye.
6. Corneous stratum of pericarpial surface and stratum of phellem in mesocarp block badly seminal sopping.
7. Result: The phellem, phloem and xylem of wild bupleurum scorzonerifolium are different from those in the pharmacopoeia .
8. We see phellem below microscope, it is by by tens of thousands be just as alveolate to do cellular composition, air was filled inside the cell, formed many a airtight gasbag.
8. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
9. Objective: To study the shape and micro-character of euonymus alatus with phellem wing as drug, it supplied the bases for identifying the euonymus alatus.
10. The cells of the phellogen towards outside differentiate as phellem, and towards inside as phelloderm or secondary cortex.
11. Configuration feature: For lofty deciduous leaf arbor, the bark of grown tree has the phellem layer that develop.
12. Abundant protein of the plant is formed the very strong antifreeze material basis. the phellem is very expand in the secondary structure of the root.
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