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Penetrating power in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2017-10-23Updated:2017-10-23
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(1) At the same time, also received a high penetrating power and high-resolution.
(2) Wetter 2Y, with strong wetting power and penetrating power as well emulsification, can reduce the surface tension of water.
(3) The reasoning from analogy has a penetrating power to surpass law system, and it is very important in the law applications of mainland, British-America and China law systems.
(4) Your spirit more than others of the penetrating power of intuition.
(5) Aloe Body TonerThis deep heating cream, with the penetrating power of stabilized aloe vera gel, is used with cellophane wrap to shape and tone the skin.
(6) Coupled with the penetrating power of film scores, many of the audience moved to tears last.
(7) Unlike other methods, which lack penetrating power and can damage the specimen, MPM delivers crisp, clear images, even in thicker tissue samples like Drosophila salivary glands.
(8) His poems have a historical penetrating power arid feeling of being rich and important in time and space.
(9) UV has low penetrating power, so its effects on humans are limited to the skin. These effects include stimulation of production of vitamin D, sunburn, suntan, aging signs, and carcinogenic changes.
(10) Fish do not find worms that look like that and hooks lose so much of their penetrating power.
(11) The light is red and beautiful, and has strong penetrating power to reach the bottom of aquarium.
(12) This product adopts the technology of single excitation, the magnet track is shallow, so the penetrating power of magnet is weak, it can avoid the conglutination of more sheets.
(13) Is ah, evasive in the stands before the threshold, full of photographs of children on the desire and pursuit of eyes, there is a great penetrating power, you can see the hearts broken!
(14) The weapon never went into production, possibly because the dartshad very little penetrating power.
(15) The new media has become one of the important pillars of sports industry; the sports occupy important position in the new media because of its social radiating power and the penetrating power.
(16) Methods: In view of the radioactive rays wave length, the penetrating power, the fluorescence function, the photographic function and the biological effect to analyze radio formation a mechanism.
(17) Compared with the former, these characters have more artistic appeal and mental penetrating power.
(18) With cast bronze, in accordance with the size of the order of minutes to hang on the shelves of wooden bell, colors and clear, resonant, penetrating power.
(19) I think Jane the sound besides attractive, but also many penetrating power.
(20) The means by which it serves philosophy remains the same. Especially it plays a more important, more powerful role and starts a revolution in philosophy with a special penetrating power.
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