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Osmolality in a sentence

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(1) The exact relation between net water uptake and osmolality is not entirely clear from our findings.
(2) Measuring plasma osmolality using freezing point depression or vapor pressure will immediately indicate that plasma osmolality and tonicity are normal.
(3) The response mechanism about electrostatic field and osmolality as well as the applications in artificial worm, chemical valve and bionic actuator are also introduced.
(4) Macrobrachium rosenbergii, Copper sulfate, Potassium permanganate, Benzalkonium chloride, Osmolality , Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium, Magnesium, Total protein, Oxy-hemocyanin.
(5) Conclusions Hyponatremia, hypocalcemia, and serum low osmolality occur in neonates with HIE and may be of prognostic significance.
(6) Methods:To measure the plasma osmolality of electrolytes and that of blood sugar in 34 patients with acute stroke. The total amount of mannitol given was calculated simultaneously.
(7) Sodium concentration and osmolality in the intravascular and interstitial spaces equilibrate across the vascular membrane.
(8) Objective To evaluate the role of plasma osmolality measurement in acute stroke patients.
(9) Hyponatremia, hypocalcemia(sentence dictionary), and serum low osmolality occur in neonates with HIE and may be of prognostic significance.
(10) Paying more attention to patients with higher plasma osmolality after craniocerebral trauma could help to improve their prognosis.
(11) For clinical purposes, one means of measuring overall concentration would be to measure the serum osmolality directly.
(12) The optimum polymer concentration therefore that would yield the best compromise between total glucose availability and low osmolality remains to be determined.
(13) The above cell volume regulatory mechanisms have usually been demonstrated by suddenly exposing cells to large changes in medium osmolality.
(14) Both ionic and nonionic substances in the serum contribute to the osmolality.
(15) Most cases of hyponatremia are associated with low serum osmolality ( so - called hypo - osmolar hyponatremia ).
(16) Equation 1-4 is used to compare the actual measured serum osmolality with the calculated value.
(17) The essence of lactate effect on EPO expression was also the action of osmolality, and the EPO specific production rate decreased with the increase in osmolality.
(18) Under normal conditions, the serum ions and anions, glucose, and blood urea nitrogen contribute to the serum osmolality.
(19) Conclusions (1) Children can develop reversible CAN after the exposure to high or low osmolality contrast medium.
(20) In order to get the optimized washing procedure, the change in osmolality was measured experimentally with different blood side and dialysate side flow rates and under the conditions of prepriming.
(21) Acute changes in serum sodium will produce free water shifts into and out of the vascular space until osmolality equilibrates in these compartments.
(22) Sodium is the major intravascular ion that influences serum osmolality.
(23) OBJECTIVE:To establish the Second-order Derivative UV-spectrophotometry for the determination of transdermal osmolality of metoprolol tartrate (MP)in vitro.
(24) On the other hand, the essence of effect of lactate on cell growth was the osmolality action, and the growth rate of recombinant CHO cells decreased with the increase of osmolality.
(25) Aim:To study the effects of total amount of mannitol given and concentration of blood sugar on plasma crystalloid osmolality (PCO) of patients with acute stroke.
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