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Noticeable in a sentence

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Synonym: detectableobtrusiveSimilar words: noticebe able togive noticesizeablemalleableagreeabletake notice ofchangeableMeaning: ['nəʊtɪsəbl] adj. 1. capable or worthy of being perceived 2. capable of being detected 3. undesirably noticeable 4. readily noticed. random good picture
1 It was noticeable that none of the family were present.
2 The hole in your trousers is not noticeable.
3 The smell was immediately noticeable when you walked in the front door.
4 There's been a noticeable improvement in his handwriting.
5 It is noticeable that women do not have the rivalry that men have.
6 Her scars are hardly noticeable now.
7 Alcohol has a noticeable effect on the body.
8 This effect is particularly noticeable in younger patients.
9 There was a noticeable transformation in his appearance.
10 Plant growth is most noticeable in spring and early summer.
11 This may not be noticeable to people from outside New York.
12 In recent years there has been a noticeable decline in such venerable British institutions as afternoon tea and the Sunday roast.
13 The damage to my car is hardly noticeable.
14 There's been a noticeable improvement in her handwriting.
15 There has been a noticeable improvement in Tim's cooking.
16 It was noticeable that many of them avoided answering the question.
17 It was noticeable how a few people managed to impose their will on the others.
18 There's also been a noticeable rise in the political temperature.
19 These changes are more noticeable in women than in men.
20 The most noticeable effect of these changes is in the way people are now working together.
21 No[],( his only noticeable affectation was a statesmanlike calmness.
22 This is particularly noticeable with the anti-bacterial action of essences.
23 The most noticeable feature of the past few decades however, has been the increasing instability of economic life.
24 It was noticeable, among other things, that she was drinking faster than anybody else.
25 The changes are insidious, and will not produce a noticeable effect for 15 to 20 years.
26 We did a quick paint job on the car and hoped the damage wasn't noticeable.
27 The carpet of leaves in my yard became more and more noticeable.
28 The lateral and ventral arm plates have distinctive transverse ridges most noticeable in dry specimens.
29 All sensory forms are affected by proximity and this is particularly noticeable amidst networks of lines.
30 They are best on top and bottom edges as they're less noticeable.
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