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Moisture in a sentence

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Sentence count:261+16 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-11Updated:2017-01-11
Synonym: wetSimilar words: gestureposturedisturbdisturbingdisturbanceturmoilhoistcloisterMeaning: ['mɔɪstʃə(r)] n. wetness caused by water. random good picture
1. Moisture in the atmosphere condensed into dew during the night.
2. The sun dries the moisture on the ground.
3. The cells will promptly start to soak up moisture.
4. The roots transmit moisture and nutrient to the trunk and branches.
5. This coat has a special surface that repels moisture.
6. The sun is constantly evaporating the earth's moisture.
7. Plants use their roots to absorb moisture from the soil.
8. Wind is caused by the sun drawing up moisture from the earth.
9. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and moisture from the soil.
10. Humidity means the amount of moisture in the air.
11. Moisture is drawn to the surface of the fabric so that it evaporates.
12. The umbrella dripped moisture.
13. The desert air contains hardly any moisture.
14. Plants suck moisture from the earth.
15. Beads of moisture perspired through the porous walls of the clay jug.
16. The moisture beaded on the glass.
17. Limestone is known to retain moisture.
18. He watched the misty wraiths of moisture making patterns on the window pane.
19. These plants need a rich soil which retains moisture.
20. My skin feels tight and lacking in moisture.
21. This tree drank up more moisture than that one.
22. An ice-filled glass precipitates moisture from the air.
23. Tiles stop moisture penetrating your walls.
24. The sun evaporates moisture on the leaves.
25. The moisture present in all foods absorbs the flavour of the smoke and eventually diffuses that flavour into its interior.
26. The drying figs sweat tiny drops of moisture.
27. These plants imbibe moisture through their roots.
28. A plastic coating repels moisture.
29. The rubber seal is designed to keep out all the moisture.
30. It was so stuffy in the tent that we could sense the air was heavy with moisture.
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