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Meningeal in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: meningesmeningitiscongealcongealedpharyngealoropharyngealnasopharyngealopeningMeaning: [mɪ'nɪndʒɪəl] adj. relating to the meninges. random good picture
1) What does meningeal tumour symptom have? Does the meeting in rehabilitation process affect intelligence?
2) The tensor tympani muscle, middle meningeal artery and mandibular nerve are good landmarks to predict and identify the horizontal segment of the internal carotid artery.
3) Are meningeal tumour and colloid tumour same?
4) The orbital branches of the middle meningeal artery were observed in 67(134 sides) cadaver heads.
5) Meningeal hemangiopericytoma is a rare tumor in central nervous system (CNS), consisting of less than one percent in incidence.
6) Conclusions The clinical manifestations and imaging results of meningeal carcinomatosis lack specificity, and cytological examination of CSF is a reliable diagnosing method for this disease.
7) Is benign and meningeal tumour to there is what method cures completely?
8) Subarachnoid hemorrhage also causes acute headache with symptoms and signs of meningeal irritation.
9) Objective To investigate the importance of cerebrospinal fluid ( CSF ) examinations in diagnosing meningeal carcinomatosis.
10) The top of the skull is removed to reveal the middle meningeal artery which has emerged from the foramen spinosum to branch over the surface of the dura.
11) We nominate it "the lateral orbital groove" and "the foramen for orbital branch of middle meningeal artery" respectively.
12) Objective: To explore clinical features and cytological changes of CSF m meningeal carcinomatosis .
13) Objective: To analyze cytomorphology examination in CSF for the diagnoses of meningeal carcinomatosis.
14) Methods Retrospectively analysed clinical data from 22 patients suffered from meningeal carcinomatosis.
15) The meningo-hypophyseal trunk usually gave rise to three branches, viz, the tentorial artery,[] the dorsal meningeal artery and the inferior hypophyseal artery.
16) Methods Analyzing the clinical data of 10 patients with meningeal carcinomatosis with their literature.
17) The nutrient arteries of abducens nerves were originated from the dorsal meningeal arteries, and 83 3% of them traversed Dorellos canal by one stem, medially to abducens nerves.
18) Results All patients were diagnosed as interstitial neurosyphilis by pathological examination after operation. Meningeal syphilis was found in 1 case and meningovascular syphilis in 2 cases.
19) Objective To investigate the early diagnostic value of detection of the serum tumor markers in patients with meningeal carcinomatosis .
20) Such a location for hemorrhage is virtually always the result of trauma that causes a tear in the middle meningeal artery.
21) Pawn ministry when two side fracture, may hurt the vein in reaching meningeal median or meninx, cause the haematoma outside acute or chronic putamen .
22) Conclusion: Central nervous system infiltration occurrs rarely in MM. Meningeal infiltration is the most common complication and frequently accompanied with other soft tissue plasmacytoma.
23) Methods:Clinical data, combined with histopathology and immunohistochemistry of 20 cases of meningeal hemangiopericytoma were reviewed, in which 4 specimens were examined with electron microscope.
24) Objective To study the relationship of blood flow (ESBF) and the posterior meningeal artery (PMA) and posterior vestibular artery (PVA) in endolymphatic sac of guinea pigs.
25) Materials and Methods CT and MRI findings in 4 patients with pathologically proved meningeal hemangiopericytoma were retrospectively analyzed, and the literature was reviewed.
26) Usually located behind the coronal suture and in front of the branches of middle meningeal arteries It was found in 19 among 30 cases of adult male corpse (63.33 per cent) .
27) Therefore, when a cancer patient has sudden hearing loss, an MRI scan should be carried out to confirm CPA metastasis or meningeal carcinomatosis .
28) The embryonic stapedial artery begins development at 15mm embryo stage and closely relates to the formation of the ophthalmic and middle meningeal arteries.
29) Results: 93.3% of ophthalmic arteries originated from internal carotid artery. while 6.7% from middle meningeal artery.
30) Objective To study the clinical manifestations, MR diagnosis and differential diagnosis of sacral meningeal cyst.
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