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Malabsorption in a sentence

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Similar words: absorptionreabsorptionself-absorptionabsorption spectrumabsorptiveabsorptivityadsorptiondesorptionMeaning: ['mæləb'zɔrpʃn ,-'s- /-'zɔːp- ,-'s-] n. abnormal absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract. 
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1. This malabsorption results in an excess lipid accumulation in the feces that is known as steatorrhea.
2. It could so happen that slight bile acid malabsorption may or may not affect bile acid synthesis.
3. The SeHCAT test has made intestinal bile acid malabsorption much more easy to detect.
4. Malabsorption of NaCl as a result of dysfunction of acid-base transport systems may be important in the pathogenesis of diarrhoeal disease.
5. Thus patients with significant bile acid malabsorption can be expected to have an increased production of bile acids.
6. This finding challenges the notion that carbohydrate malabsorption is uncommon in patients with chronic pancreatitis.
7. Thus,( in patients with carbohydrate malabsorption the colon may play an important role in meeting total energy needs.
8. This unquestionable carbohydrate malabsorption, leads to a pronounced change in colonic function and metabolism by stimulating bacterial proliferation.
9. Bile acid malabsorption and increased synthesis of bile acids were even detected in cholecystectomised patients without intestinal pathology.
10. Calcium deficiency can be found in people with malabsorption problems, such as Crohn's disease, celiac disease, and surgical intestinal resection.
11. Its occurrence is often associated with the malabsorption in intestine or increased excretion from kidney.
12. Reduced lymph flow leads to a malabsorption syndrome of the small intestine, especially of fat and fat-soluble vitamins.
13. Malabsorption difficulties and adverse physiological effects are known for all the available carbohydrates but gelatinized starches give little or no trouble.
14. Thiwill(1)present a classification of malabsorption and (2)outline the usefulness and potentials chaper pitfalls of common tests of intestinal function.
15. Osteodystrophy (a condition that softens the bones) and malabsorption may develop.
16. Other groups with possible relative deficiency would be those with malabsorption and acute or chronic infection.
17. The next is to find out if the deficiency is a result of gastrointestinal blood loss or malabsorption.
18. The syndrome also may be seen in other conditions associated with intestinal malabsorption or nutritional deficiency.
19. Not all studies support a direct link between fat malabsorption and faecal bile acid losses.
20. Giardia lamblia produces a wide spectrum of infection in man ranging from asymptomatic carriage through acute to persistent diarrhoea with intestinal malabsorption.
21. In contrast with our results, these studies describe a pattern of essential fatty acid deficiency, probably related to malabsorption.
22. Despite its limitations, the breath H 2 test is the only acceptable non-invasive method to estimate complex carbohydrate malabsorption in humans.
23. Shortly after the diagnosis of coeliac disease, you need to be extra careful to ensure you have a nutritionally adequate diet, as you may have been suffering from malabsorption of nutrients.
24. The similar report of the like by combining the microzoology and gene engineering methods to solve the lactose malabsorption hasn't been found in China and other countries.
25. Measurement of stool fat and undigested muscle fibers may be indicative of fat and protein malabsorption conditions, including pancreatic insufficiency .
26. Other UI research suggests that up to one-third of people with IBS also have fructose malabsorption.
27. We investigated the pattern of electrolyte disturbances with regard to enteral malabsorption , renal compensation, and the influence of immunosuppression.
28. For malnutrition caused by the failure of the body to absorb nutrients, see the article on Malabsorption.
29. Especially is pregnanting the food second half, the pregnant woman A9 iron absorbs HI to the insufficiency or the malabsorption.
30. Excessive amounts do not just flush from the tortoises system, but can and do lead to malabsorption of essential fatty acids and other deficiencies such as iron, zinc, iodine, cooper.
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