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Lumens in a sentence

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1. As parietal cells release acid into the lumen of the stomach, they release bicarbonate into the systemic circulation.
2. In the rat small intestine, many drugs are acetylated and excreted into the lumen.
3. Within the lumen of the follicle is a colloid.
4. In support of this theory there is evidence of a close correlation between activity of Crohn's disease and conditions within the intestinal lumen.
5. At the same time the enterotoxin also promotes a net secretion of chloride ions into the gut lumen from the epithelial cells.
6. This hypothesis deserves further study as platelet activating factor metabolism in the stomach lumen is unknown.
7. Figure 1 illustrates the effect of infusion of rabbit bile into the ileal lumen on carbachol stimulated motor activity.
8. The normal gastric mucosa can prevent bypass diffusion of potentially noxious substances from the gastric lumen.
9. Each nodule has an opening into the gut through which the eggs reach the lumen.
10. The drain was then removed and the cholecystoscope passed over the guidewire into the lumen of the gall bladder.
11. If dysphagia persisted despite dilatation, barium swallow examination was undertaken to assess the oesophageal lumen.
12. The entry of larval trichonemes into the lumina of the tubular glands generally provokes an inflammatory response together with marked goblet cell hypertrophy.
13. The lumen was kept constantly in view so that the position of the instrument did not change.
14. The concentrations of nutrients used in these studies are substantially higher than those which would normally be seen in the colonic lumen.
15. Some of the excess chloride ions in the lumen are exchanged for bicarbonate ions at the surface of the epithelium.
16. One of the lumens was used to drain the gastric contents by siphonage.
17. These compounds are absorbed into the epithelial cells surrounding the central lumen containing the colloid.
18. The company expects to unveil soon a new compact Cavalier Coupe,[] which will be followed by a Lumina sedan in March.
19. Diarrhoea is characterised by a failure of the gut to reabsorb the majority of the fluid and ions from its lumen.
20. We assume that contractions were totally absent or failed to occlude the intestinal lumen.
21. There was no mention of Lumens,life expectancy of the product or relative amounts of the nasty bits.
22. The small laminated pink concretions within the glandular lumens are known as corpora amylacea.
23. The six-chip version produces 420 lumens with a lens and 300 lumens without a lens, in each case at an operating current of 700 mA and an output of 15W.
24. Four-chip versions produce 280 lumens with a lens and 200 lumens without a lens, in each case at an operating current of 700 mA and an output of 10W.
25. The central lumens of sensilla in antennae of the posterior basal senorium were stained with 0. 5% gentian violet.
26. Soon, they'll buy based on actual brightness, which is measured in something called lumens.
27. Measured in bits per second per square meter, it is a gauge of "data intensity" in much the same way that lumens per square meter determines the illumination intensity of a light fixture.
28. The contrast ratio is just 1000:1 and the lamp brightness is 100 lumens.
29. It is like spending millions to increase the number of lumens you can get from a wax candle.
30. This is the simple ratio of the nominal output lumens over the nominal operational wattage.
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