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Interlace in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-07-18Updated:2017-07-18
Synonym: braidintertwineweaveSimilar words: interlacedhinterlandinterludeinterloperinterlockinterlinkinterfaceinterlocutorMeaning: v. 1. spin or twist together so as to form a cord 2. hold in a locking position. random good picture
(1) In her latest book, she interlaces historical events with her own childhood memories.
(2) Her hair was interlaced with ribbons and flowers.
(3) Your speech should not have been interlaced with these facts beside the point.
(4) The tree branches were interlaced with one another.
(5) They interlaced their hands.
(6) It was laid entirely with interlaced track.
(7) Plain hospital beds with flock mattresses laid on interlaced wire springs were for the junior members of the staff.
(8) The fields interlace on screen to create the illusion of full pictures.
(9) Here[], a source of interlace material 50 and source of progressive scan material 60 are provided.
(10) This is passed to the interlace to progressive scan converter 30 to generate a progressive scan signal from the interlaced signal.
(11) The interlaced output from the source of interlaced material 50 is supplied to an interlace to progress scan converter 70 to generate a progressive scan signal.
(12) Interlace your fingers to create a solid grip.
(13) The various impressions interlace and become a patchwork of scenery of modern life.
(14) There exists very serious phenomenon of interlace flicker and large area flicker in present TV.
(15) Polyester Fiber and - glass Filament Interlace Tape is woven with polyester fiber as warp filled - glass filaments.
(16) The top branches of the two trees interlace with one another.
(17) LiLI makes it easy to interlace pictures for use with lenticular pane.
(18) Hundreds of watery interlace the heartland of this low - lying South Asian country.
(19) It is the interlace weave pattern of Universal Essence.
(20) Interlace and confusion of the relation between concession regulation and poverty right.
(21) Removes interlace artifacts from NTSC or PAL video input.
(22) During my whole report, he sat with his eyes closed and his fingers interlaced.
(23) On two sides the grid is flanked by large, rectangular panels of interlaced circles.
(24) A hare squats amongst foliage, in a scene which is enclosed by a roundel supported by two conventionally interlaced guilloche squares.
(25) The latter group includes mosaics which feature saltire designs or designs based on patterns of interlaced squares. 2.
(26) FIG. 2 schematically illustrates a video mixing operation in a studio environment, in order to give another example of the use of interlace to progressive scan conversion.
(27) The picture information can be 200 % greater in amount than that by an ordinary TV set when the interlace selected is 4:1. Other methods to improve picture definition are given as well.
(28) For example, "Progressive Scan" readout enables real-time processing by eliminating the delay required to combine odd and even fields (2:1 Interlace scanning).
(29) Choose between various stereo modes such as anaglyph, checkerboard and horizontal interlace. You can render from the stereo camera and view the render output in any of these stereo modes.
(30) SEM observation showed that the preform particles become smooth from sharp angle after baking in a furnace, and the interlace area between two particles is larger and changes smoothly.
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