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High-power in a sentence

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Sentence count:81Posted:2018-12-04Updated:2018-12-04
Similar words: high-poweredhigh pointhigh pitchhigh priesthigh-pricedhigh pricedhigh-pitchedhigh profileMeaning: adj. vigorously energetic or forceful. 
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1. You'll need a very high-power microscope to see something as small as that.
2. High-power magnification is needed to see the crystals.
3. They are certainly effective, and make using high-power binoculars much easier.
4. It can provide scientific test measure for high-power generating set equipment.
5. Simulated and experimental results are presented that the high-power CO2 laser beam intensity distribution uniformization can be achieved using the new resonator.
6. In particular, as a high-power EMP is suddenly injected into a transistor, electrical or thermal breakdown can be definitely caused.
7. The coupling of a high-power, high-energy and narrow pulse laser unit with the optical fiber is important and of unique value in laser applications.
8. The applications of picosecond high-power diode-pumped solid state lasers in the field of biomedical imaging and material science were analyzed.
9. Overall, high-power packages now account for 10 percent of the market.
10. A high-power rapid handling device comprises a caterpillar excavator with a main vertical arm and a swinging arm, and accessory mechanisms installed at the end of the swinging arm.
11. Aiming at the thermal design problem of high-power components in electronic equipments, this paper introduces one practical thermal design method of forced air cooling of electronic equipment.
12. The paper described the design of high-power intellectual charger for the lead-acid accumulator, including the research on charge method and charge power supply.
13. Vectek's high-power electronic converters use Active Voltage Conditioning (AVC) technology to mitigate the effect of voltage surges and sags, creating a more stable and continuous supply.
13. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
14. Participants in the high-power group considered the misreporting of travel expenses to be a significantly worse offense.
15. This does not necessarily mean you have to go to the extent of bringing in high-power floodlights together with their attendant supply-cables.
16. Utilizing the high-voltage and high-current of IGBT, the Class-E Inverter has got the sinusoidal output with high-power.
17. The result has dedicated that it could satisfy the process of PECM in high frequency, narrow pulse width and high-power.
18. We describes the extensive applications of Photonic Bandgap-photonic Crystal Fibers in High-power laser beam transmission, particle transfer, sensor and soliton compression in detail.
19. The single-channel multipolar resolver is used as the angle sensor and the monolithic high-power pulse width modulation(PWM) power amplifier is also used.
20. With coaxial structure, it has no low-cut frequency. Therefore it might be one of the middle bandwidth slow-wave structure with high-power capacity.
21. The foundation of the dam for Dalong reservoir consists of the layer of medium-coarse sand with gravel, so it is difficult to be penetrated even by the high-power vibrator.
22. Objective To investigate the feasibility, safety and efficacy of high-power Potassium titanyl phosphate(KTP) laser vaporization of bladder neck for treatment of bladder outlet obstruction in women.
23. Based on laser threshold value method, central wavelengths of two kinds of phosphate laser glass used in high-power solid-state laser segment amplifiers are tested.
24. Then the writer applies a programmable chip named EPROM instead of MC33035 and endues affluent and dexterous functions on the control system. It is excellent for high-power dynamoelectric cars.
25. The strategies mothers used often were low and middle power ones and the coercion and intrusiveness, which belonged to high-power strategies, were associated with the negative parenting goals.
26. This pape studies the optimum design theory and practice of hight frequency high-power pulse transformer of arc welding inverter.
27. The paper describes some key technology of design circuit and craftwork on developing High-power set up power of aluminum air battery , presents the application of the Step-up power.
28. Utilizing the high-voltage and high-current of IGBT, the Class-E Inverter has got the sinusoidal output with high-power. Its principle and characteristics are analyzed.
29. In the method of intensification of production of high- viscosity oils, the viscosity of oil in the well bottom zone is decreased by the effect of a high-power ultrasonic field on it.
30. But it's true, the Newsweek published at Feb. 17, 2003 is described a picture like that, when the war begins, the U. S. military will use the high-power microwave bomb to attack Iraq.
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