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Despicable in a sentence

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Sentence count:59+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-21Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: slimyuglyunworthyvileworthlesswretchedSimilar words: amicableapplicableinexplicabledespitecableimpeccableimplacableirrevocableMeaning: ['despɪkəbl] adj. morally reprehensible. 
1) From beginning to end his conduct had been despicable and wicked.
2) It was despicable of her to lie about her friend.
3) It's despicable the way he treats those kids.
4) It was an absolutely despicable thing to do.
5) This is a despicable fraud . Just imagine that he has the effrontery to say it.
6) It is despicable to desert your children.
7) The Minister said the bombing was a despicable crime.
8) Ingratitude is a despicable vice.
9) To fail was considered despicable.
10) Abusing a child is a despicable act.
11) It's despicable to make me admit it.
12) This shows inhumanity because it is despicable to convict a man of a crime of which you know he is innocent.
13) How could anyone believe such a low,( despicable thing of her?
14) That Tyson chose the most flagrant, revolting and despicable way to cheat says something about the basic character of the man.
15) He's a despicable human being!
16) I hate you! You're despicable.
17) A tradition of exclusion, no less despicable for being time-honored, is one obvious reason.
18) The first is purely despicable and the second is simply contemptible.
19) Courtney must be stopped from carrying out more despicable crimes.
20) She is using the most despicable word she can think of.
21) To pretend would be despicable - or would it?
22) Governor Koong's next despicable plot to impress the Empire involved poisoning the Umboo countryside with the biological agent, rooze.
23) Police have condemned the theft from an elderly widow as despicable.
24) Let us at least see our courts make an example of these despicable criminals.
25) Had this unflattering picture of Bella emerged because of Johnny, she wondered, or because of her own somewhat despicable jealousy?
26) Police say the man escaped across fields after what they said was a despicable attack.
27) This could be the turning point in his miserable, despicable life.
28) Future generations will revile her. In America, as a despicable traitor with no sense of honor.
29) However, the Wild Strawberry Movement is not damaged at all. On the contrast, this movement will gain stronger centripetal force because of this despicable midnight attack.
30) The captions under each portrait reads in Spanish as follows (L-R top to bottom), "The innocent, the cynic, the thief, the authoritarian, the repressor, the despicable, the murderer, the faeces Ruiz".
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