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Creatine in a sentence

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Similar words: creatininecreatine phosphatecreatingcreativecreationre-creationrecreationcreativelyMeaning: n. an amino acid that does not occur in proteins but is found in the muscle tissue of vertebrates both in the free form and as phosphocreatine; supplies energy for muscle contraction. 
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1 Out of 16 cases that tested positive for creatine kinase, nine were confirmed, giving an incidence of 1:3082 births.
2 I have been taking creatine to boost athletic performance.
3 Results 71.43 % of rise in creatine phosphokinase of the idiopathic hypokalemic periodic paralysis.
4 After primary angioplasty, risk factors, peak serum creatine phosphokinase concentration, recanalization time, and ES were similar in the two groups.
5 Creatine is a protein that is found in animal products and it assists muscle building and repair.
6 Serum isoenzyme(MB) and isoform(MM3) of creatine kinase (CK) were measured in30 patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) to assess the reperfusion.
7 To evaluate the protective effect of exogenous creatine phosphate (ECP) on myocardium during open heart surgery by clinical,( biochemical and morphologic methods.
8 Early research suggests creatine supplements might be able to help slow the progression of Parkinson's, an incurable brain disorder that can slowly but steadily paralyze patients.
9 The higher concentration of creatine phosphate in muscle can lead to the increase of ATP, therefore, athlete taking creatine can achieve much more sport load.
10 In the past we relied on creatine kinase or the MB fragment of creatine kinase.
11 Creatine phosphate as energy rich phosphate compounds is widely utilized in treatment of myocardial ischemia and infarction.
12 Objective To investigate the clinical significance of serum creatine kinase ( CK ) and its isoenyme ( CK - MM ) through observing their dynamic < ...
13 Patients with myopathy generally have muscle pain, tenderness or weakness, and an elevation of a muscle enzyme in the blood (creatine kinase).
14 Creatine is the biomolecule, which produces ATP.
15 It is excreted in the urine as a waste product of creatine. 194.
16 Until the results of long term follow up are available the ability of our creatine kinase assay to detect Becker cases remains uncertain.
17 Subjects - Those families whose son had a positive screening test. Main outcome measures - Creatine kinase activity.
18 The results showed that SOX from strain 42-1 was an induced enzyme and could be induced by reagents, such as sarcosine, creatine(, creatinine and choline chloride.
19 The rats' serum samples were collected to determine activities of lactic dehydrogenase(LDH) and creatine phosphokinase(CK).
20 Conclusions:The results suggest that FDP may be helpful to the acute hibernating myocardium by increasing the creatine phosphate content and improve the diastolic function.
21 Phosphagen is economical yet provides 5 grams of high-grade creatine monohydrate per serving.
22 Myocardial content of hydroxyproline(HP)was detected by test kit, and that of creatine kinase(CK)tested by N- acetylcysteine activation method.
23 A lot of studies showed that resynthesis of phosphocreatine in muscle can be increased and strength and speed of athletes can be improved through creatine supplementation.
24 Routine laboratory tests showed a mild anemia, metabolic acidosis and elevation of plasma creatine phosphokinase.
25 Description Creatinine is synthesized in the body at a fairly constant rate from creatine, which is produced during muscle contractions from creatine phosphate.
26 Objective To compare the different activity and quality of serum creatine phosphokinase isoenzyme (CK-MB) in healthy children at different ages and to study its rational clinical application.
27 Objective To study the potential for enhancing ischemic immature myocardial protection by adding creatine phosphate (CP) to crystal cardioplegic solutions.
28 Objective To understand the abnormal change and its rules on the serum creatine phosphokinase for patients with idiopathic hypokalemic periodic paralysis.
29 The scarcity of ornithine aminotransferase in the kidney-yang deficiency rats resulted in deficient creatine phosphate which was need for depositing energy and most of ATP was consumed as heat energy.
30 This book is designed for those interested in the basic scientific background to creatine and creatine phosphate, and also for physicians treating or studying heart and vascular disease.
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