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Untitled in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2018-05-16Updated:2018-05-16
Similar words: entitledtitledtitle deedentitleaccount titleentitlementtitlesubtitleMeaning: adj. 1. not having a title or name 2. not of the nobility. 
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1. The full-length feature, as yet untitled, will include interviews plus footage of their live gigs.
2. A bleak untitled work from 1979 has two of these nightmare creatures wrestling to the death, one atop the other.
3. Most of Rodin's drawings are undated, unsigned and untitled, so she had to work virtually from scratch.
4. Neikrug still has the untitled piece he composed at age 5.
5. A completely new, and as yet untitled, work has been created specifically for the spacious Sackler Octagon.
6. The Oscar-winning actress is currently shooting the untitled film in Budapest but is scheduled to move production to Bosnia in a month.
7. Replace projector with the untitled reel and watch a home movie of some sort.
8. An art work titled "untitled (Cosmic Bust Man)" by artist Tom Friedman of the U. S is seen on display at Hong Kong International Art Fair May 25, 2011.
9. Up the hill stands an untitled ear-like wooden band shell built by Mr. Brodsky in 2006.
10. Of these, the finest example may be an untitled statue by Ahmed Abdel Wahab. My interpretation of it was that of an animal face with the horns of a devil, but others may see it differently.
11. Whenever a database is created, a default view, called "(Untitled)," is automatically generated.
12. Replace the reel on the projector with the untitled reel and watch a home movie of some sort.
13. In the episode "The Untitled Stan Jenson Project," it was revealed that Lizzie had a crush on him in the fourth grade.
14. So far the film, which is bound to get a few bums on seats for that scene alone[], is untitled.
15. Bowie is currently in production with his own low-budget film, as yet untitled, which he wrote and directed.
16. You can use the New Session command on the File menu to open a new untitled session.
17. On the left navigator, select the Standard library under the Untitled document (this name changes when you save the document).
18. Also on hand was Frank Spotniz, series writer, producer, and co-writer of the new, as yet untitled (or un-subtitled) sequel.
19. However, should the city be unable to offer the conveniences and inducements that the director wants, his Untitled Rio Project could be the Untitled S?o Paulo Project.
20. A blank form is created and you can see a new section called Untitled (Form).
21. This window is called the Property box and shows all the properties of the new Untitled field.
22. "The Arnolfini Marriage" is a name that has been given to this untitled double portrait by Erwin Panofsky according to a 16th's writting in 1934, now in the National Gallery[sentencedict .com], London.
23. At a November Christie's sale in Hong Kong, an untitled painting from Mr. Zeng's 'Hospital' series pulled in $2.5 million.
24. Its upcoming films include the mythological action film 'Immortals' and its untitled Snow White film starring Julia Roberts.
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