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Unconsciously in a sentence

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Sentence count:120+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-07-02Updated:2017-07-02
Similar words: consciouslyunconscioussubconsciouslyconscientiouslyconsciousunconscionablesubconsciousself-consciousMeaning: adv. without awareness. random good picture
(1) Whether consciously or unconsciously, you made a choice.
(2) Young people unconsciously conform to a dress code but reject any kind of uniform.
(3) He unconsciously switched a tree with his cane when he talked to her.
(4) She was unconsciously misreading their actions.
(5) Unconsciously, by force of habit, she plugged the coffee pot in.
(6) I think racism is unconsciously inherent in practically everyone.
(7) We all unconsciously erect barriers against intimacy.
(8) Perhaps, unconsciously, I've done something to offend her.
(9) He made that mistake unconsciously.
(10) She unconsciously moved back a pace or two.
(11) Unconsciously she frowned slightly, determination building up within her like a tangible force.
(12) A decreasing number of self-corrections, showing that unconsciously made miscues are often semantically acceptable and do not need correction.
(13) Implicitly, unconsciously, subconsciously, the family still grieved the loss of its only daughter.
(14) A woman stealing from my desk ... Unconsciously one hand became a claw reaching for the other's throat.
(15) It was almost like I made the decision unconsciously.
(16) Was the new design perhaps unconsciously modelled on the Sun newspaper, in an effort to achieve similar sales figures?
(17) His kiss deepened, and unconsciously she arched up towards him, aching for his touch.
(18) Unconsciously she gave a little shiver.
(19) Unconsciously, it may have been, her fingers closed upon the asp.
(20) Unconsciously perhaps Jeanne was seeking to free herself from her narrow and oppressively respectable bourgeois family.
(21) He unconsciously imitated his father.
(22) A suicidal gesture is another, often unconsciously made when help is likely to be at hand.
(23) It all comes about as deliberately, if unconsciously, contrived.
(24) When we opened on the former things good record,the face will unconsciously reveal the truth's smile.
(25) No person of independent mind will copy consciously, but many copy unconsciously.
(26) "I was very unsure of myself after the divorce," she says, unconsciously sweeping back the curls from her forehead.
(27) And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. Nelson Mandela 
(28) The tendency to make this adjustment, either deliberately or more often unconsciously, is not greatly different for different political groups.
(29) Professionals respond to reluctant, uncooperative or culturally different patients by unconsciously spending less time with them.
(30) The boys of the Haight would cross the park on Masonic, unconsciously walking closer to each other.
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