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Ugly in a sentence

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Sentence count:258+19 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-17Updated:2017-02-17
Synonym: bad-temperedcrankycrossdisagreeablehideoushomelyirritablemeanorneryperverseplainquarrelsometestyunattractiveunpleasantunsightlyAntonym: beautifulSimilar words: seeminglywittinglywillinglygrudginglyunknowinglyincreasinglyunwittinglysurprisinglyMeaning: ['ʌglɪ] adj. 1. displeasing to the senses 2. inclined to anger or bad feelings with overtones of menace 3. morally reprehensible 4. provoking horror. 
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1. Prudence is a rich ugly old maid courted by Incapacity. 
2. There is no pot so ugly that it can’t find a lid. 
3. They discredited her good name with ugly gossip.
4. He looked at the ugly square buildings around him, and he did not like what he saw.
5. She makes me feel dowdy and ugly.
6. Beauty is superficial, but ugly goes down to the bone.
7. The situation in the streets was turning/growing ugly.
8. The child is frightened by the ugly man.
9. I find a lot of modern architecture very ugly.
10. The nail perforated her coat and left an ugly rip.
11. You've got an ugly tie on.
12. Nick's dog is as ugly as sin .
13. Your dog's an ugly brute[], isn't it?
14. A fungus of ugly little houses sprang up.
15. The river that runs through Middlesbrough became ugly on the eye and hard on the nose.
16. The Memorial seems almost ugly, dominating the landscape for miles around.
17. He managed to get his ugly mug on the telly.
18. He was ugly and monstrously fat.
19. His face was covered in ugly red blotch
20. An ugly shopping centre stands across from one of the few buildings with character.
21. Don't believe the ugly rumours.
22. It doesn't seem ugly to me; on the contrary, I think it's rather beautiful.
23. Something scared him. Probably your ugly mug !
24. 'Which do you like?' 'Neither. I think they're both ugly.'
25. I like her in a kind, but she is ugly.
26. His boozing, arrogance, and hair-trigger temper have often led him into ugly nightclub brawls.
27. Girls always look on themselves as proud princesses, with the exception of a small number of either extremely ugly or exceedingly smart ones.
28. He's got the looks of a film star now, but he was a real ugly duckling as a child.
29. Children are sometimes understandably reluctant to wear glasses that are ugly or uncomfortable.
30. The familiar spectre of drought and famine has reared its ugly head again.
More similar words: seeminglywittinglywillinglygrudginglyunknowinglyincreasinglyunwittinglysurprisinglyunrelentinglyhieroglyphics
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