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Supernatant in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2018-03-13Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: supernaturalnatantsupernalkarnatakaalternatehibernatealternatoralternationMeaning: n. the clear liquid that lies above a sediment or precipitate. adj. of a liquid; floating on the surface above a sediment or precipitate. 
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1 Place drops of the clear supernatant on to dental wax in a Petri dish as before.
2 This supernatant was used for measurement of isotopic enrichment of free leucine.
3 Blots were probed with monoclonal antibody supernatant at a dilution of 1:2.
4 As we all know, Shenzhen drink supernatant team is a force to attack weak teams.
5 Neutrophil chemotactic activity in sputum supernatant was higher than the pool of normal subjects both in chronic asthma and COPD patients.
6 When alcohol density of fermentation supernatant was 50% and 70%,( two kinds of water-solubility polysaccharide can be acquired.
7 The metal contents of FGD wastewater and the supernatant liquid were determined by ICP-AES.
8 The culture supernatant could stimulate the neurite outgrowth of PC12 cells.
9 The acidimetric supernatant was considered as the system blank to compensate the influence of particle dissolution and complex reactions between soluble components on estimation of proton consumption.
10 The culture supernatant of tumor cell lines was not cytoxic.
11 Conclusions PH0016 is a Paecilomyces lilacinus, the fermental supernatant has immunoenhancement activity, the active metabolites were worthy to be studied further.
12 You centrifuge the solution, decant the supernatant, and discard the pellet.
13 Transfer the supernatant into a spin ( QIAprep ) column.
14 The supernatant and intra-cellular extracts of JH28 fermented in MRS both had inhibit activity on maltase.
15 Once precipitated the sample was centrifuged and the supernatant was removed.
16 Many other proteins in the supernatant could interfere the binding of destined protein.
17 Supernatant liquid of SPC-A-1 cells pretreated with thalidomide groups was collected and the activity of gelatinase was measured by Zymgraphy.
18 The supernatant fat was skimmed off.
19 The soluble protein in the supernatant was separated with the precipitate after ultrasonic cytolysis and centrifugation.
20 Complete disruption of lysosomes also occurs, but to a lesser extent resulting in less marked release of enzyme into the supernatant.
21 After incubation, tubes were centrifuged at 1000 g and the supernatant separated from the pellet.
22 Objective : To study the growth factor like action of the Sika Deer splenocytes culture supernatant.
23 This pellet was utilized to prepare bacteriorhodopsin while the supernatant was used for the isolation of crude fatty acids.
24 Objective To investigate the carcinogenetic and tumor promoting effect of concentrated Helicobacter pylori culture supernatant ( CHCS ).
25 Methods:Urinary proteins were precipitated with 3% trichloroacetic acid (TCA) solution and the supernatant fraction was used to reactivate apoCA to catalyze p-nitrophenyl acetate.
26 Methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium(MTT) assay was employed to detect inhibition rate of CTL and its supernatant on 3AO cell, HCCC-9810 cells? 293T cells, respectively.
27 The promoting effect to Suillus luteus of the ethanol supernatant dried at room temperature is better than which dried at room temperature.
28 Purpose:To analyse the differentiation features of embryonic stem cells which were induced by the supernatant of retinal cells and retinoid acid (RA).
29 METHODS Aqueous protein was precipitated by addition of four times volume of methanol and the resulting supernatant liquid was directly injected after centrifuge.
30 The protein of procaryotic expression exists both in the supernatant fluid and the sediment.
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