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Submersed in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: submersesubmersionsubmersibleemersedsubmergeimmersedsubmergedversedMeaning: [səb'mɜrst /-'mɜː-] adj. 1. beneath the surface of the water 2. growing or remaining under water. random good picture
1. Emersed and submersed plants closely resemble each other.
2. Submersed plants usually have four or five well developed light green leaves.
3. These stems grow erect when submersed, but grow prostrate on marshy terrain.
4. In the submersed form R. humilis is a perennial plant cultivated and reproduced as E. quadricostatus.
5. In submersed plants the leaves form a rosette.
6. Submersed forms are usually disc-shaped, light green, and attached to the ground or in tangles of underwater plants.
7. Like V. dubyana it extends over stones and submersed wood, forming a green or yellow-green to brownish cover of plants.
8. As well as not functioning in a submersed situation, dying cells, releasing adverse substances will pollute the water.
9. Great attentions have been paid on submersed macrophytes restoration in recent years.
10. It was proved that High Speed Assist Submersed Gas-jetting EDM Milling is an effective solution to solve high short circuit ratio problem of EDM in gas, and reveals good machining performance.
11. Obviously, submersed mcrophytes were under the stress of copper.
12. The longest spathe of submersed plant was measured more than 60 cm!
13. A submersed Old World Plant having whorled, lance-shaped leaves and unisexual, solitary, axillary flowers.
14. A submersed Old World Plant ( Hydrilla verticillata ) having whorled , lance - shaped leaves and unisexual, solitary, axillary flowers.
14. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
15. The measurement theory and method for submersed tube to be joined together are introduced and applied to one undersea tunnel engineering successfully.
16. Substrate suitability is critical to the restoration of submersed macrophytes in shallow eutrophic lakes.
17. Outwardly the plant resembles the small species of the submersed Sagittaria.
18. This is a very peculiar but decorative plant which in submersed form differs conspicuously from the other members of the family.
19. During the rainy periods they survive under water in the flooded areas for several months and will withstand a permanently submersed environment.
20. The two men continued to trade heartfelt insults[], the gist of which revealed normally submersed beliefs.
21. Among all the cultivated species of Hygrophila it is the one best adapted to submersed existence.
22. This paper presents a series of items for detecting the shape of submersed tube, and constructs a plan to survey it.
23. You could see the different growth pattern of the Singapore Moss under submersed condition from the pictures here .
24. In past centuries, the river was a challenge and a danger to those who sailed on it with strong and fast currents, rapids and tricky, half submersed rocks.
25. The production settlement task can be reasonably confirmed by the quality evaluation of cultivated land beyond submersed area and it is important for immigration resettlement.
26. The paper will introduce some experimental research and practical case about a new submersed sensor , and hope to make this technology perfect.
27. The flow in the drainage pipe network is simulated by one-dimensional unsteady flow theory, and the calculation of the pumping stations, the water gates and submersed pipes is indicated.
28. The automatic control of coagulant dosage of water plant in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province being taken as an example, the practical case of the new submersed sensor is introduced.
29. However, I have been growing this moss for more than 6 months under submersed condition and it's still growing well.
30. For volatile and high vapor-pressure products, it is recommended to adopt the technique of loading arm arid submersed pump.
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