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Sperm whale in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2018-03-13Updated:2018-05-26
Synonym: Physeter catodonblack whalecachalotSimilar words: whalewhalerwhaleboneblue whalewhale sharkkiller whalegerm warfarewhalingMeaning: n. large whale with a large cavity in the head containing spermaceti and oil; also a source of ambergris. 
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1, A whale is killed-a great sperm whale.
2, Fourth, Ishmael makes it clear that an enraged sperm whale will charge and sink a large sailing vessel like the Pequod.
3, Well, he explains, he once dissected a baby sperm whale brought aboard ship.
4, Ishmael ponders the brow of the sperm whale.
5, The sperm whale dives to a mile and more and can stay under for two hours.
6, The average sperm whale is 72 feet long and about 90 tons in weight.
7, The nobler of the two is the sperm whale.
8, The sperm whale at Tranque, Ishmael says, was about right for a large-sized whale of this type.
9, The sperm whale does not feed on small fish like other whales.
10, A sperm whale has 50 teeth. It has 10 more teeth than a killer whale.
11, A sperm whale is longer than a killer whale in its length.
12, The sperm whale therefore has to look for the squid using sound waves.
13, When a sperm whale is sick,[ whale.html] it many produce a fatty substance called ambergris.
14, What body changes occur when the sperm whale dives?
15, A sperm whale is to have dived to 2000 metre.
16, The sperm whale is believe to dive deeper than any other cetacean.
17, Every toothed whale except the sperm whale has two sets of phonic lips and is thus capable of making two sounds independently.
18, This is the largest sperm whale in the world.
19, The sperm whale has about thirty teeth in its lower jaw.
20, To plastinate a mature sperm whale, known to have a taste for giant squid.
21, How does the sperm whale manage to do this?
22, Taking yet another example, compare the visual fields of man, rabbits and the sperm whale.
23, There he found the skeleton of a whale, a sperm whale, which had become a shrine for the natives.
24, Up to this point Ishmael has told us a good deal about the great sperm whale.
25, The only enemy of the giant squid seems to be the sperm whale.
26, Evoking the poster for the original summer blockbuster, a new species of killer sperm whale attacks a baleen whale in an illustration.
27, Living alongside the largest sharks ever known, the raptorial—meaning actively hunting—whale measured about 60 feet (18 meters) in length, about as big as a modern male sperm whale.
28, This gastropod (from the Hydatinidae family) was recently discovered living on a sperm whale carcass in the deep sea near Kagoshima in southern Japan.
29, In chapter 15, "The Right Whale's Head," the narrator says that the Right Whale is a Stoic and the Sperm Whale is a Platonian, referring to two classical schools of philosophy.
30, Based upon the growth layer groups in cementum and dentine of the tooth, the age of the huge Sperm Whale was estimated at 29 years.
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